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Moving To Kunming The Land Of Eternal Spring

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is also known as 'the City of Eternal Spring' for its pleasant climate and flowers blooming all year long. With a history of more than 2,400 years, Kunming is the gateway to the celebrated Silk Road that facilitated trade between Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar and India. Kunming enjoys a pleasant climate and does its best to live up to its title of 'the City of Eternal Spring'. If you are planning to move to Kunming and want packing and moving services you might want to look out for professional relocation companies which might help you understand about the city better as well as help you move.

Kunming is loved by expats and tourists alike. Expats looking to relocate to the city move with International packers and movers for a stress-free experience. When living in the city one might find magnificent stone masterpieces, various strange and steep intricate formations, and countless complex vistas make Stone Forest (Shi Lin in Chinese) worthy of the fame as the 'First Wonder of the World'. Dianchi Lake, the largest lake of Kunming, enchants people with its turquoise water and peaceful environment. It is a favorite escapade from the chaos of the city life. A visit to the Golden Temple is strongly recommended. As it is the largest copper temple in China. Kunming is also renowned for many delicious local dishes; the most famous ones being the Across Bridge Rice Noodle and Xuanwei Ham. You can enjoy them both at local restaurants. Lastly, do not forget to buy some locally produced souvenirs for your friends or family, such as ivory or wood carvings, minority tie dyings. There are a variety of stores that let you shop for souvenirs for your family staying in abroad.