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As we all are grappling with the challenges of the COVID-19 virus, we need to maintain safe and healthy conditions while making settling-in.

As such, PM Relocations is closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and recommends shifting service under the guidelines and recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization). You must be aware of the best practices of sanitation and protocol for avoiding the spread or contraction of the disease. Also, our employees have been made aware of the best practices of sanitation and protocol for avoiding the spread or contraction of the disease.

Keeping the scare of COVID19 in mind we have formulated the following directives to ensure the safety of our customers:
  • Judging from a 'Pandemic" declaration to COVID-19 by WHO, we deliver only after 14 days from customer's entry date into India. For e.g. if customer's entry date is March 31st, we deliver after April 15th.
  • After 14 days delivery can be done only for whom without any symptoms of the coronavirus, like cough, fever, sense of strong fatigue etc during these days.
  • We will be ensuring the limit of people in the home to one person per family.
  • No additional technician or support person should be allowed in the home at the same time as our crew.
  • Our crew will adhere to social distancing & hygiene practice at the client site during packing and delivery as per the WHO guidelines.
  • The temperature of each of our crew members would be checked daily.
  • Each of our crew will have a kit containing masks, sanitiser and gloves.

Furthermore, keeping the safety of our employees and customers, PMR will also be implementing the following measures:
  • Each employee will have to wear mask in the office.
  • Provide a safe working environment at our office and warehouse with access to masks, soap and water, sanitisers and temperature checks.
  • Client access to our premises will be restricted to only one person per family.
  • Daily disinfecting the computer equipment, door handles etc...
  • Maintaining necessary guideline check with respect to distancing, ventilation and operations.
  • Trucks will be limited to two people and will be disinfected daily
At PMR, we believe in our values of Care, Commitment, and Communication. These values have guided us since our inception, and we test all our actions against it because it will continue to be our guiding light in this pandemic. One thing we know about the crisis from our experience is that they all are different and yet they all end. The speed and quality of our crisis management will determine our collective future.

You are our family and we are in this together.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

PMR's Covid-19 Response