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5 Tips to Minimise Workplace Negativity

There is nothing which affects employee morale other than workplace negativity. It also disturbs the smooth working of the employees and diverts the attention to unimportant things other than work.
As HR professionals are closely in touch with employees from the day of hiring to exit interviews, it’s important for HR professionals to pay attention to workplace negativity as it threatens the success of the organisation. Negativity causes heavy losses and this needs to be addressed properly.

So, here is a guide to help you know 5 tips to prevent and curtail workplace negativity.

1. Opportunity to Express Opinions
Employees should be given open opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions about workplace procedures and policies. Factors like work hours, benefits, working conditions and workplace environment are closest to the mind, heart and physical presence of each employee and one should be given a proper chance to speak on this. A timely and proactive response to any of these issues can resolve the problem on time and reduce any chance of negativity at work.
2. Clear and strategic organisational framework
A clear and strategic organisational framework enables the employees to stay happily in an organisation and make them look forward to the growth. It is very important to have a framework in an organisation for departments, teams, and employees. If employees are confused about their growth in their team, they may lose interest in the company and their productivity may be negatively impacted.
3. Recognise Hard Work
Recognition at work is often overlooked by many organisations. Negativity develops at work when the efforts and hardwork of employees are unrecognised. Appropriate reward and recognition to employees at regular intervals can make them feel their contribution is valued and boosts their morale. This prevents negativity and motivates them to work harder for the mission and growth of the organisation.
4. The Autonomy to make Decisions
One of the most important causes of workplace negativity is a senior or the organisation making decisions about the work of an employee without any input or interaction with the employee. Every decision which is taken without the consent of the employee negatively affects the morale and productivity of the employee. Hence, provide opportunities to people to make decisions about their work for a better and enhanced work productivity.
5. Transparency
Treat all employees equally. Unfair or a biased treatment can develop a feeling of discontent in employees. As managers, one should make sure that regular meetings are being conducted and constant communication is made with the employees. When employees feel secure and sense a feeling of fairness and honesty within the organisation they stay respectful of the work culture and also demonstrate an increased cooperation, harmony and productivity.

To conclude, workplace negativity can be a major issue faced by a company. It is very important for the HR of the company to work against it and restrict the negativity which can lead to financial and organisational loss. It also decreases the working and productivity of employees. So, follow and implement the above tips to make your workplace a happy and great place to work!