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5 Must-have apps to best support settling Expats in the Netherlands

Understanding the going about of daily life might be difficult for an expat living in the Netherlands. However, fortunately, you can easily adapt to your new Dutch life by installing a variety of mobile apps. In the Netherlands, there is an app for everything, whether you're hunting for a home in Haarlem or dining out in Eindhoven, or enjoying the natural beauty of the Dutch.

To ensure a smooth and easy-going settling in the country, check out these top 5 Dutch must-have applications to help you get started.

1. Bunq

Just as you settle in a new place, opening a bank account in that country is one of the first things to do. From making payments for your household utilities to shopping at your neighbourhood Dutch supermarket, having a Dutch bank account can greatly simplify your life. Thankfully, it's simpler than you might think to open a mobile bank account in the nation. It helps you with the day-to-day transaction.

Using your Dutch bank account number, you can set up automatic payments, make bank transfers, and pay in-person. Additionally, opening an account is simple and will only take a few minutes. In the Netherlands, Bunq is cutting the edges of mobile banking available in the English language. Hence, it is easily understandable.

2. 9292

How to get to various spots in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Groningen, or Eindhoven? When newcomers to a country are getting accustomed to traveling around, they frequently have inquiries of this nature. And when you're used to making trips through your own vehicle, relying on and understanding the public transportation system might be challenging. It can be a hassle to suddenly navigate the wonders of Dutch public transportation.

However, the most popular public transportation app in the Netherlands, 9292, is here for your rescue. The app, which is available across the whole nation, enables you to schedule your travel whether you're riding a ferry, bus, train, or tram. You may also use it to research all your Dutch transit alternatives, check ticket costs, & stay up to date on the most recent travel-related news and interruptions.

3. Buienradar

Expatriates moving to the Netherlands will quickly discover that there is a good reason why residents enjoy discussing the weather. The weather in the country is quite hard to predict. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it's always best to check for passing downpours before you walk outside. Especially when you’re cycling or are in an open two-wheeler vehicle, having an update on the weather is a necessity.

Buienradar, which literally translates to "showers radar," is a useful tool that alerts you to the arrival and intensity of the next downpour. This application helps you with the hourly forecast. You may use the radar to get a more comprehensive picture of the sky's activity through it. Hence, you don’t have to be worried about the weather and its sudden surprises anymore.

4. Funda

One of the most taxing hassles for expats in a new country is that of Home Search. When you move to a new country, it can be challenging to know how to find yourself a local housing facility or an apartment to rent or buy. Now, this is where housing apps prove to be helpful. They help you in understand the Dutch Property Market and you come to have an idea of pricing, availability, and chosen locations’ surroundings.

Funda is a leading housing site that helps you easily find a new home in the Netherlands. You have the option to filter your search by city, neighbourhood, budget, and other aspects. It allows you the freedom to explore each listing by showing photos, and maps, and receive push notifications on your phone so that you’re aware of any changes in the market.

5. SnappCar

Known for its biking and cycling activities, The Netherlands stands popular amongst the nations. In fact, Dutch cycling infrastructure is highly encouraged in the entire country. There are safe and accessible cycling paths that make traveling by bike one of the preferred choices for people. However, occasionally, you might need more than two wheels to enjoy the scenic beauty and surroundings.

To address such a need, SnappCar, a popular Dutch car-sharing platform, can be put to use. It operates in cities across the country and connects users to cars in their local neighborhoods. You can rent in minutes with the least amount of hassle. You can choose electric cars with this app as well in order to support the eco-friendly concern.

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