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Relocation to Denmark: Top 5 reasons why people move to Denmark

If you’re a Job seeker, entrepreneur, investor, or an international student moving to Denmark then you’re at the right place.

Moving to one of the top expat-friendly Nordic country, i.e. Denmark is challenging. So to make your moving to Denmark smooth, here are the top 5 reasons to move to Denmark.

1. World-class Healthcare

Denmark has one of the most affordable, accessible, and world-class healthcare facilities. It is funded by the salaries of citizens, this also means that expats are not charged for the services. Expats are issued a yellow card by the government and this is what they all need for the treatment. The public health system here is of such a high standard that public health services are availed by a majority of the population.

2. One of the top in the world's happiest country
Denmark ranks just below Finland in the World happiness report of 2022. Denmark scored 7.636 out of 10 in this year’s happiness report. Danish people are indeed one of the happiest in the world. If you think, being an expat you’ll be odd amongst the locals then, you needn’t worry as moving to Denmark opens up so many opportunities and a whole new way to be happy and enjoy life.
3. Effective Public Transport

As an expat, one of the top reasons for moving to Denmark checklist should be the public transport in the country.

Denmark has a very effective, efficient, and affordable public transport system. It is kind of a nordic country where you can live your whole life without owning a car. The metro system here between two cities is very easy to use. Denmark being a relatably small city has a great biking culture here. It indeed has separate lanes for biking and people love to bike in all weather conditions.

4. Work-Life Balance

Denmark is one of the best places to work on the planet making it one of the most family-friendly countries. The average working hour here is 34 hours and all the workers here are entitled to a vacation of a minimum of 5 weeks every year. This not only helps you to maintain balance but also dedicates time to your family. This is all because the majority of danish men and women work here.

This is another important reason which makes you ask yourself - should I move to Denmark? But now you have the answer to this!

5. Sustainable Practices

Denmark has a very stable and strong economy and has been able to grow even during the tough times. The government here stays ahead of all the other European countries in several things, and one such is their initiative to save the environment. Denmark is highly committed to using and producing renewable energy, which also shows its citizen’s trust in the government and the economic security and freedom here are commendable.

Overall, Finland is very safe, has innovative minds, and guarantees top-level education with a beautiful climate and greenery all around. It is no wonder that Finland tops the World Happiness Report again in 2022.

Denmark has been one of the top choices of expats over the past few years. Apart from Denmark, check the list of the top 5 happiest countries in the world and get in touch with our #RelocationSpecialist at 82-82-82-7356 for making your moving journey smooth.

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