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5 Summer Moving Tips

Millions of people choose to move in the summer for numerous reasons.
But why do people choose to move in the summer? Well, the weather is generally warm and dry, one easily gets days off from work (paid leaves), and children are also on summer break, and that is why the 5-months from May to September are often termed as “The Peak Moving Season”. In fact, a study shows that 46% of all the yearly moves take place in the summer months in comparison to the other months of the year.

So, if you’re someone who plans to move during the summer months, here are 5 useful best moving tips to make your summer moving smooth amidst the excessive heat.

1. Plan and Hire Professional Packers and Movers
The first and foremost thing you should do is to plan and choose a team of professional packers and movers, who can give you relocation assistance as well. Hiring a team of professionals will surely save your time, energy, and the hassle involved.

However, you should do this at the earliest. Why? Because this season is the peak season for movers globally, most of them are either over-booked or their services will be out of your budget. So, act smart and hire a team of relocation experts ahead of time.

2. Stay Hydrated
When moving in summer the most important thing is to Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated is important, especially on a scorching summer day. And, even more for those who are physically active, lifting boxes, loading, and going up and down stairs during the move. So, make sure you have an adequate supply of drinking water available for your family and for your movers to keep them hydrated and healthy. Aim to hydrate every 15 mins. Take care of your packers & movers on a hot day, and provide them with water, buttermilk, cold drinks, and a damp towel if needed.

3.Take special care of Kids
On house shifting day, when the house is full of boxes, moving material, and equipment, take special care of your kids to keep them safe from the heat. If the kids are not old enough to help during the move, arrange for the kid to stay at a relative’s or a friend’s place, or alternatively, you can arrange for a babysitter for the moving day.
4. Make arrangements for Pets
Remember, moving in summer is stressful for your furry friend, too. Make sure, you hire the right movers who also take care of your pet alongside your household goods. Professional packers and movers also have a team of pet relocation experts, who handles your pet with all the precaution, care, and move without any trouble.
5. Check Belongings that can be damaged by heat
Keep a note, that some of your belongings may not do well while in a box in summer. Items such as Candles, DVDs, Vinyl Records, and other heat-sensitive electronic items can go through permanent damage due to excessive heat. To avoid any such instance, make a list and even go through the user manuals of such items and mention the same to the moving company.

Never let your guard down when moving in summers, instead, follow the above-mentioned moving tips and also hire a team of professional packers and movers who are highly experienced, internationally certified, and properly insured.

So, if you’re planning your move this summer, get in touch with us for a free moving quote! We’ll help you move hassle free.

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