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The relatively economical cost of living, the fascinating culture, enriching towns, and the wildlife's natural beauty may all be some major reasons about why one would want to live in Africa. However, the deciding factor, if expatriates want to move to a certain country, depends on the safety, growth opportunities and level of infrastructure, healthcare, and educational development of that nation.
Talking about the African Continent, the cities here are offering one of the best reasons for expats for residing. And, with the progressing times, the expats are indeed finding it great to reside in the following cities of Africa.

Here we are listing seven of the best and most liveable cities for expats. The reason why they are suitable has been listed as below:

1. Nairobi, Kenya
Known for its amazing wildlife and nature’s offerings, Kenya’s Nairobi is now transforming into one of the best options for settling expats. Kenya is a leading safari destination in the world. It is one of the cheapest countries on the African continent in concerned of the cost of living and other utilities. Also, its consistent ranking as one of the best countries in Africa is favourable for expats to shift to.
2. Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, the second-largest city in South Africa, is known for its ecstatic way of living. It is transforming into a popular tourist destination with time. The city presents great weather to surround oneself, remarkably low crime rates, more safety rules & regulations and, above all, an affordable cost of living.
3. Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, as the sprawling capital of Egypt, has an extremely remarkable lifestyle to offer to expats. The connectivity is good owing to the oldest metro system that connects the African continent. It provides good healthcare and 24*7 available medical facilities. It offers a suitable environment for your child’s education.
4. Johannesburg, South Africa
For people wanting to pursue a career and looking out for an affordable as well as the progressive environment, Johannesburg is just the right choice. Skilled workers can relocate to this place and have a very affordable ambience to live in. The city has an advancing forward-looking picture for people hunting for career growth. Also, when compared to other blooming cities, the housing options here are 70% cheaper and food facilities are 60% cheaper. So, it helps you save a great deal.
5. Dahab, Egypt
Being an expat in Egypt seems like it would be difficult. But, breaking all those notions, this place is coming up with thriving opportunities for people who want to relocate. Apart from being one of the safest cities in Africa, Dahab is known for its free and world-class scuba diving. Also, the pleasant weather, economical food and accommodation facilities make this city more desirable.
6. Windhoek, Namibia
Due to its high standard of living, Windhoek, Namibia is one of the most popular expat locations on the African continent. There are excellent medical institutions that offer services for maintaining health. There is more security and fewer crime rates. Its reputation for high-quality goods and services is demonstrated by many of the supermarkets and shopping centres to stroll around.
7. Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda is one of the best places located in the African continent that offers a great enriching atmosphere for job seekers who aim to set up their own businesses. Professional foreign workers will find it an easy environment to work in when it comes to Rwanda. Also, according to the 2019 Corruption Ranking and the 2019 World Bank Doing Business index, Rwanda is one of the least corrupt nations in Africa and the easiest "low-income country" (LIC) to conduct business in.

Therefore, as you might have understood that this continent is intensely populated with a number of reasons why one would want to relocate here. There are excellent job opportunities. Also, living life here is quite affordable and reasonably priced idea for aspiring expatriates. Africa is coming up with new and multiple growth opportunities for expats and is one of the most affordable places in the world. You can experience some beautiful natural ambiences to live in for people. The wildlife here is an aspect that stands out among all other countries.
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