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6 Important Changes That You Must Do When You Enter A New House

No matter if you’re moving for the first time or 100th time, there are certain unspoken rules that you must follow in the new house to make it more homely. Here are the 6 things you must change when you enter your new house for your own safety.

1. Change the locks of your new house

It is well said that your safety is in your hands, which is partially true in this case, so even if the previous dwellers have convinced you about how honest they are or kind, changing locks is something you shouldn’t avoid. It is the most important thing after a couple of days. You never know if the previous dwellers might have given a spare key to their friends or relatives who have no idea that they have changed their house. So, unless you want an unexpected guest upon coming back to your house, you must change all the locks within a couple of days. Similar to the locks, you must check the latches properly because the basic latches hinder no problem to the burglars; hence, it is important to safeguard your windows from any burglary.

2. An formal introduction to your new house

The place you have just moved into is a new place to you, and it will take some time to get accustomed to it. You might forget the directions of your bathroom when you get up suddenly in the middle of the night. It is advisable to make a rough map or, in a simple way, an instruction manual that can be placed at some points to help you figure out the right direction. So, just in case there's an emergency, and you can’t find the most important thing, you know where to look rather than just rummaging through your stuff. And if you’re confused about what things you must mention in the instruction manual, below are some of the items you must add in the manual: 1. The switches are the most confusing thing while in trouble, so you must write about the main switches that can help you remember in an emergency. 2. The location of the water cut off valve. 3. The position that you have assigned for keeping keys.

3. Keep extra keys handy

When you move into a new house, it is more likely that you might forget your new keys somewhere and regret later. And when it is an emergency, it becomes more hectic and troublesome to find those keys even when they are just in front of you. You can avoid these situations by making a couple of duplicate keys so that just in case you get stuck somewhere or happen to forget or lose it, in that case, you don’t have to wait for someone to come to the rescue. These simple things can help you in tough and unavoidable situations.

4. Set a new wifi password

If you happen to find the broadband instrument left by your previous dwellers, and you plan to use it, it is advisable to set a new wifi password because you never know if the dwellers used to share the password with their neighbors. So, to secure your house from any breach of privacy, these are some small steps you can follow.

5. Choose “the spot”

Sometimes even the most organized person finds it puzzling as to where he left his keys and charger after working late last night. Forgetting things is quite a common thing, and when you’re in your new house, it just happens more likely than ever. So, when you move to a house, sit with the other folks and decide as to where you want to keep a place for all your keys and important stuff.

6. Sanitize the place

This is something you could have avoided if it was 2018 or early 2019, but today it has become a necessity as equal to personal hygiene, an absolutely important thing. It is a foremost thing you must consider and enquire about. The next thing is to clean the nooks and crannies in the cabinets of your kitchen and bathroom. This will ensure that the place is germs free, and you can start your life knowing that it has no history of any infections. Change the seats of your toilet to avoid the entry of any germs.

So, these are some of the unspoken rules that you must obey when you move into a new house. And if you’re planning to move into a new house, you must ensure the safety of your family and goods with the help of reliable packers and movers; they can easily help you move your goods without the risk of getting them damaged. Moving soon? Call us today at 8282827356 or email us at-