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Decoding Art Moving in India

Art moving can become challenging especially considering the risk of moving exquisite costly fine art pieces, drastic weather conditions, lack of proper infrastructure and availability of proper commercial setup. The risk is inherent, especially when fine art pieces are exposed to Indian transportation conditions leading them to be broken, scratched, smudged or mishandled while moving. Understanding the importance of being reliable and punctual while maintaining high levels of professionalism, discretion & courtesy is the key for any fine art mover. Which is why a smooth structure of work performance is essential in order to construct a trouble-free fine art moving experience. Hence, in order to streamline art moving for exhibition, import, export and storage purposes its essential to understand the demands and requirements pertaining to fine art moving in India.

Packing & Crating Fine Art

While understanding the packing and moving of fine arts it’s important to determine the correct packing solution which is based according to the composition and size of the exquisite art pieces. Use of corrugated boxes which are durable along with high-quality packing tape is essential for a safe Fine Art relocation experience. For expensive paintings, it’s crucial that it is wrapped with non-abrasive material which discourages the growth of mould and mildew. While moving with professional packing and moving companies its essential to opt for custom crating solution especially for oversized and unusually-shaped sculptures and fragile ceramics and antiques.

Transport & Handling Fine Art

Just as any other moving demands, fine art relocation/ moving demands utmost care and professionalism. Due to the exclusivity of fine art pieces it becomes very important to plan and move fine arts with safe transitioning methods. Starting with customised crates and boxes which are specially designed to hold the item/painting in place to appropriately marking them with the correct labels and content details to taking extra precaution when loading and unloading the items in the truck to a safe transition via road, sea and air. Whether you are taking the sculpture/ art piece / painting for a city wise exhibition tour or exporting them to a different continent, professional packers and movers ensure that your fine arts are handled with extreme care and attention.

Climate – Controlled Storage

Certain artefacts such as oil paintings and weather sensitive ceramic/sculpture requires one to store them in temperature controlled facility. Hence, its storing art in a climate controlled space is very important to avoid it from potential damage which could be caused by heat, humidity, cold and extreme conditions. Apart from this it’s essential that the facility also has 24*7 CCTV surveillance for the protection of expensive and sometimes one of kind art.

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