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Do’s & Don’ts While Moving Neighbourhoods

Ready or not, whether you are moving around the world or across the street; moving is definitely one of life’s most stressful tasks. But the good news is that with just a little bit of planning a lot of last minute frenzy can be avoided. Here is our do’s and don’ts guide to help you avoid the last moment confusion.


  • • Start planning in advance
  • • Hire trusted packing and moving professionals
  • • Always notify the surveyor for any special requirements pertaining to pets/ piano/ bikes/ plants etc
  • • List down the items you would want to keep in storage while moving
  • • Pack important documents etc in a hand carry baggage to avoid losing them
  • • Pack at least a day’s clothes and other necessities such as toiletries, snacks etc to open when at your new home
  • • Declutter/ discard unnecessary items which you don’t plan to take along to avoid misunderstandings while packing
  • • If you are planning to pack few boxes yourself, make sure that you leave them open for the supervisor to check them. Otherwise such boxes are labelled as ‘PBO or Packed by Owner’ which can create problems with the custom authorities and with insurance companies.
  • • Go through each documents/checklist prior to moving to avoid confusions
  • • Fill in insurance values of your household goods as correctly as possible for easy claim processing
  • • Always reach out to your dedicated relocation consultant to clarify any doubts and concerns during the movement


  • • Avoid carrying liquor and other liquid items such as oils, juices, liquid soaps etc as they can damage the shipment due to spillage
  • • Avoid packing jewellery, expensive watches, money, coins or stamp collection along with the shipment as they cannot be insured for transit
  • • Carrying expensive silverware, ivory, animal skins, antiques, narcotics and psychotropic substances are strictly prohibited as per law
  • • Avoid taking books, periodicals, maps and literature banned/prohibited or detrimental to the interest of your destination country
  • • Packing perishable items is strictly non-advisable
  • • Any country specific restricted items would be advised by your dedicated relocation consultant during your move