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Expat Insider| Know The 5 Popular Expat Groups In India

India- the largest country in the South Asian region; is an eclectic mix of different cultures and people. While in the past, India was categorically recognized as a territory that people usually preferred to move away from in order to find their fortune in the west, a reverse trend is slowly emerging, given to a large populace leaving their homeland moving to India to relish the vivacious expat life here. Presently, around 20,000 to 30,000 expatriates are living in India, and the number is growing rapidly on an annual basis.

India's expatriate community comprises of people from varied professional backgrounds: teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives of multinational corporations. So, if you're new in town and wondering how to interact with your fellow migrant friends, here are a few groups to help you get started. There are five prominent expat communities in India to help you socialize well with other expats.

Such expat groups not only enable networking and exchange of ideas, but also help one in getting acquainted with the various aspects of India. Apart from this, they offer many engaging activities and social events to keep you entertained.

Listed below are some of the well-known expat groups in India-

Inter Nations

This is an online organization to connect expats from around the world, and it is possible to join in after setting up LinkedIn or Facebook account only. With a whopping figure of 2.4 million members spread across 420 cities worldwide, this website not only helps you get in touch with fellow expats in Delhi, but many other nations as well. For more information on Inter Nations, visit:

Furthermore, to help you get acquainted with the city’s surroundings, we offer City Orientation Services in Delhi as part of which our experts take you on a brief city tour and introduce you to the major food outlets, healthcare centers, shopping complex, etc. Not only this, in case of any help required in finding a suitable home in the boisterous city of New Delhi, we can assist you being the trusted Home Search Assistance Provider globally.

Mumbai Connexions

An organization connecting expats from different nationalities in Mumbai. Run by 10-members Executive Committee, the group hosts coffee mornings, charity activities and social events, and provides the quarterly edition of its magazine—Chalo! (meaning, Let’s Go!) that consists of their calendar of events, crucial contacts, etc. For more information on Mumbai Connexions, visit:

Bangalore Expat Club

New to the Silicon Valley of India, and anxious about settling-down in the ever-growing city? Here’s your chance to connect with fellow immigrants and enjoy your international experience to the fullest. Mix and Mingle with Bangalore Expat Club—the 29k+ members international community in Bangalore founded in 2008 by Viren Khanna. For more information on Bangalore Expat Club, visit:

Gurgaon Connection

An expat community that guarantees a ‘Home Away from Home’ experience in the metropolitan city of Gurgaon. Through a series of weekly coffee meet-ups, clubbing and other social excursions, GC aims to make your stay as comfortable as possible in the city of skyscrapers and ambitions. For more information on Gurgaon Connection, visit:

Pune Expat Club

An exuberant, events-based club for expats—individuals, couples, families to foster strong friendship ties and adjust well in one of the most expat-friendly cities in India. Founded by Vikas and Preeti Roongta, the club engages in cultural, entertainment, sports and various other social programs. For more information on Pune Expat Club, visit:

Whilst the above-mentioned list of expat communities shall help you greatly, for any succor required with respect to post-migration difficulties, be it—VISA Extensions, Language Integration, Home Search, School Search, etc., feel free to connect with us for we have expertise in domestic and international relocation assistance services. To know more, speak to one of our experts here: 1800 3000 5315.