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Why Is It Important To Be Certified By FIDI?

When planning for international relocation as you look for a reliable moving company, you will often see that most relocation companies are FIDI Global Alliance and FAIM certified. But, what does FIDI Global Alliance and FAIM is all about?? Let’s, have a look!!

FIDI FAIM (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux; The Federation of International Movers) is the leading quality standard for international relocation and moving businesses. A relocation firm accredited by FIDI ensures that you are choosing a relocation expert that delivers exceptional service and is working with the highest quality standards.

Relocating from one place to another is hectic and stressful. When you move your life and belongings to an entirely different country, many factors add complications. And, that’s why it is always best to choose a relocation company that has experts when it comes to international moves.

FIDI is currently representing over 600 independent best international relocation packers and movers companies in more than 100 countries around the world. All FIDI members offer the same service indicated by FAIM accreditation with over 200 rigorous quality requirements for customer service and business operations. FAIM Plus recognizes those working to ISO 9001 certification.

Every accredited member must pass 3 yearly independent auditor assessments regularly for their international moving activities to continue their membership. Membership is terminated if any company fails in any of the assessment criteria.

FIDI offers accreditation to successful applicants through its FAIM certification. FAIM Accredited International Mover members are required to meet over 200 quality service delivery requirements. The testing criteria ensure that every aspect of the service meets its rigorous and demanding standards.

These standards cover all aspects of the international relocation business, from general administration, warehouse maintenance, staff training and procedures, and packing and shipping expertise to customer damage claim management whenever an accident happens while your belongings are in transit.

Members must also perform a minimum number of international removals per year to meet the standards continuously.

PM Relocations is one of the leading global players in the relocation industry and is a proud FIDI Affiliate; offering the best-in-class mobility services for more than three decades now.

For PMR to continue to qualify for FAIM quality certification, our entire business goes through an independent audit every three years. The company’s entire operation is assessed to ensure we continue to perform following the common worldwide standards FIDI set for its members.

Choosing us, a FIDI FAIM member offers you the security of uniform, quality-minded home or office relocation services throughout your entire international move as well as domestic move. Faring well on all the parameters set by FIDI, we also have many distinguished awards including the notable Global Citizenship ‘Silver Award’ at the Cartus Global Network Conference in 2021.

Hence, if you are planning to move abroad, and are on the hunt for a dependable moving company, then, we understand your needs and provide you with a seamless transition to your new home. Give us a call today at 82-82-82-7356 and get fully customized moving services.

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