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Finding Job Opportunities In South Korea

As Korea is a work-oriented country and the people believe that hard work will lead to success. Perhaps, they always have pride in the work they do.

The currency of South Korea is Won. However, for working/moving to Korea, you would need Visa for your employment. There are three kinds of visa that will explain your course of employment in South Korea.

1. Foreign Language Instructor decides your welfare services in teaching English in South Korea which is a foreign language in the country.
2. Professional Employment decides your work stays in departments like Law and Medicine.
3. Short Term Employment will ensure your work stay in 90 days as allowed by the Visa policy.

In the sectors of employment in South Korea, there is a demand for employment in Language Teaching and IT. Though, there are some other major industries where you can find employment.
1. Vehicle Manufacturing (one of the leading examples in Hyundai).
2. Chemicals.
3. Electronics.
4. Semiconductors (one of the leading examples is Samsung).
5. Shipbuilding.
6. Steel.
7. Mobile Telecommunications (one of the leading examples is LG).

The working hours in South Korea are more than the other western countries. Earlier the working hours per week had been 68, which are now, perhaps, reduced to 52 hours (40 hours normal and 12 hours overtime).

The holidays in your employment depends upon the year, but they are usually between 10 to 16. The paid annual leaves in your employment will increase with each year you work for your employer.

Here are some vacancies provided by the websites in South Korea, which are as follows:
1. TEFL UK- Vacancies in teaching English as a foreign language in Korea.
2. Gone 2 Korea- Vacancies for teaching in South Korea (also, will advise you the documents which will be required for the employment).
3. National Job Center- Vacancies in South Korea in any employment sector.
4. British Chamber of Commerce Korea- Vacancies given through contact links to member companies.
5. Higher Ed Jobs- Vacancies for PHD, research and Lecturing at South Korean Universities.
6. Job Korea- Vacancies on the site will be in the Korean language.
7. Seoul Global Center- Vacancies on this side will be in the English language.

Also, there are three newspapers where you can find vacancies.
1. The Korean Herald
2. The Korea Times
3. The Seoul Times

There are short-term opportunities like
1. Vacancies in teaching English
2. Social/voluntary work

Without any pay of work in both the cases However, there are some requirements you need to complete.

1. For applying in any employment sector, a cover letter is required. It should contain the applicant’s profile in keywords and not in sentences or instead of a cover letter, an application form is required.
2. Apart from these, for getting vacancy in any sector, you must have contacts to reach your destination.
3. Else, you need a bachelor’s degree certificate from any university certified by UK degree documentation and stamped by Legalization in office in UK to be recognized in South Korea.

While you are working in South Korea, there are certain deductions for tax, health insurance and pension insurance from your salary. The role of income tax is between 8% to 35%.
However, there are different conditions for the mortgage in banks in South Korea.

To move to Korea, it is advisable to learn the Korean language, which is Hangul, as not everyone speaks English in Korea. Apart from this, while moving to Korea, assist yourself with the appropriate international relocation assistance to know about cultural integration and language-based information. For more information, mail us at info@pmrelocations.cpm or dial 1800 3000 5315.