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Handy Vehicle Moving Tips for Your Upcoming Move

Relocating your car from your old home to a new one can be a costly task. Not only it is time consuming but also tricky when it comes to different vehicles. The stakes double up especially when you are moving interstate or inter-country. Whether it is your usual SUV or an exquisite BMW, we understand the sentiments you have with your car. Shifting a vehicle from one place to another is not just about getting them on a trailer, self-driving them or getting it towed away, it is a lot more.

Whether you are moving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it might seem easy to simply drive it to your new home. Considering the distance and the fuel you’ll use to drive through different states, It can definitely end up heavy on the pocket and become a costly affair. Don’t forget to factor in the costs you’ll pay to transfer the paperwork and licenses to new state or country. Plus, more importantly the time factor is important too, which could have been otherwise used to plan a holiday or relax a bit in the new city.

Hence, the safest bet could be moving with a professional vehicle relocation company. Not only do they have a special covered car trailers to transport your cars to your desired destination which ensure that the vehicles are safely carried to their destinations. But also, the vehicles are picked up from the customers home/office and delivered to the desired place as per the customers’ requirements.

While you choose to move in with a professional relocation company, we give you few handy tips for a smooth vehicle moving experience.

Preparing Your Vehicle Before Handing It to the Experts

  • 1. Ensure that the car battery is fully charged to retain through the length of the sea journey.
  • 2. Ensure that the fuel-tank is below the minimum level for safety reasons.
  • 3. Deactivate any alarms in the car to avoid unnecessary battery drainage.
  • 4. Check the destination country’s/city’s climate and whether if you would require coolant or anti-freeze for it.
  • 5. Remove all accessories to ensure utmost safety.
  • 6. Check for any fluid leakage before handing the car to the vehicle relocation partner.
  • 7. Keep a duplicate set of keys handy while moving.
  • 8. Always ensure that you submit original PUC (Pollution control certificate) and duplicate signed copies of RC, insurance certificate with Voter id card or Aadhar card for easy vehicle relocation experience with the relocation company.