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Japan & Singapore Tops The List Of World’s Most Powerful Passports!

Yes, you read it right Japan and Singapore, two Asian countries are stepping up neck-to-neck with their European counterparts when it comes to dominating the World’s most powerful passports list. After all its not just the colour of the passport or the pages inside it that distinguishes it from country to country but the access to different countries which makes it special and powerful. Whether one is looking for preferential rights such easily walking through the customs or getting an easy access to visa upon arrival, all the passports have something unique in them to present an upper edge to their natives.

According to the latest reports by Henley Passport Index, published in February 2018, Japan and Singapore tops the list of world's most powerful passports. Giving their citizens access to enjoy visa-free access to almost 180 destinations from around the world. Often wondered whether it was the colour of the passport which makes it more special, then we have some interesting fact for you. It is not the colour but the legal ties of the country from the passport is obtained that dictates the visa-free movements of its citizens.

If you are one of those who are constantly relocating across borders on global assignments, then this list helps you identify the number of countries which is accessible to you. Here is a closer look at the top 10 world’s most powerful passports along with bottom 5 powerful passports in 2018:

Top 10

Rank 1 : Japan and Singapore | Can access 180 countries

Rank 2 : Germany | Can access 179 countries

Rank 3 : Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and South Korea | Can access 178 countries

Rank 4 : Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands | Can access 177 countries

Rank 5 : Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and united states | Can access 176 countries

Rank 6 : Australia, Greece and Belgium | Can access 174 countries

Rank 7 : Malta, New Zealand and Czech Republic | Can access 173 countries

Rank 8 : Iceland | Can access 172 countries

Rank 9 : Hungary | Can access 171 countries

Rank 10 : Latvia | Can access 170 countries Bottom 5

Rank 101 : Somalia | Can access 32 countries

Rank 102 : Pakistan | Can access 30 countries

Rank 103 : Syria | Can access 28 countries

Rank 104 : Iraq | Can access 27 countries

Rank 105 : Afghanistan | Can access 24 countries