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Our Top Tips To Ensure A Safe Moving Experience Post COVID-19

You might be one of those thousand families who were in the process of moving/ relocating to a different location, city or a country. However, the due to these stressing times all your plans for moving might have been put to an indefinite halt and a fear of moving post these uncertain times.

The COVID-19 pandemic which quickly enveloped the entire world has left and drastic and uncertain impression on people who were actively and happily planning to move their belonging. As business around the world were forced to innovate and device plans to work from home. Many employees and families are anxiously looking to move once the scare of this epidemic dies down.

Often time one might be surrounded with tension whether it would be safe to plan their moves amidst/ post the dying down of this scary pandemic disrupting the world. However, we at PMR help you ease your stress pertaining to moving post COVID-19 and decode a stress-free, safe and secure move experience.

Now that the World is struggling with full or partial lockdown take this time to clearly chart your move plan. Post the lockdown ends and global organisation begin to reel from the effects of coronavirus you will have less time to plan for a seamless move. The current scare of Coronavirus shouldn’t interrupt your life and your moving plans, hence, here are our top guiding principles to help you prepare for your move post COVID-19.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Once the lockdown ends and you finalise on a date to move your belongings. Make sure you update your mover for any health history which they might have faced amidst the lockdown. It’s crucial to understand whether a person whether symptomatic or asymptomatic has had any contact in the recent. Understanding the same would help the mover prepare well in advance. Apart from this it is very crucial to also understand from the mover regarding the global relocation industry situation and the possible delays in transit time and precaution and sanitization steps taken by them and by different people who are handling their shipments.

Sanitize Your Belongings

So, you are pushing yourself forward with your move! It’s essential you don’t risk your life. Take this lockdown period to sort your household items and sanitize them. Currently there hasn’t been any recorded case of COVID-19 transmission which is caught from surfaces. However, its crucial to keep your belongings safe and sanitised not only for you and your family but also for the people who come to help you with moving your household.

Likewise, when you invite movers into your home, its essential to check and ensure that they are sanitized before they walk into your home. Why you would ask? This step is important to ensure that you are ruling out any chances of the disease spreading again. As certain surfaces tend to hold the virus for a longer period of time than the others.

Wear Gloves & Face Mask

It’s important to develop the habit of wearing gloves and face mask for a few months from here on to avoid any sort of transmission. As per research it is seen that the countries practicing the highest number of mask and glove etiquettes are not prone to the spread of such diseases. Another key aspect is to wash hands regularly when being at home.

Ensuring that your movers also practice this safe habit will help you execute a seamless move experience in a safe and COVID-19 free environment. While moving, one might come in contact with different things, surfaces and people, hence using gloves and face mask would help you in staying healthy while moving and add to your happiness.

Practice Social Distancing

Once the scare of coronavirus goes down its essential to practice the art of social distancing which is beneficial to avoid any health crisis which can arise until significant time passes. It doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious. Hence, if you aim to resume back to your moving plans its essential to practice social distancing at home too. However, having said this, one shouldn’t get paranoid in order to ensure a safe environment. Taking the above necessary precaution and being mindful of the situation is something which will always help you to enjoy a hassle-free move experience post the lockdown ends and things resume back to normalcy.

Cancel If You Don’t Feel Well

Just because the lockdown has ended, and you have a wonderful opportunity at hand don’t plan to move your belongings just this soon. Its important to know that you can always choose to speak to your trusted mover and plan to reschedule your move specially if you are not feeling well or if you have been close to a relative who hasn’t been keeping well. Most of the relocation partners out there are very supportive and would help you have a comfortable and safe transition.

Remember given by the situation which has affected lakhs of people worldwide, it’s important to keep oneself and other who help you with moving safe and secure. Knowing when you’re sick and to take time off is a big decision which will help us all defeat the epidemic.

Making smart choices and practicing carefulness can help you and your mover execute a safe and corona-free move experience!