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PMR Celebrates It’s 35 Glorious Years This Month!

Excited & delighted to share some wonderful news! Yes, it’s hard to believe but PMR celebrates it’s 35 Glorious Years this month – mature though young and full of enthusiasm. 35 YEARS OF PM RELOCATIONS IN JOURNEY OF ITS FEAT surely gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride.

The foundation of PM Relocations was established in 1986 at Kolkata by our founder Mr. Rajeev Bhargava, then a budding entrepreneur. The company was the brainchild of Mr. Rajeev Bhargava, who materialized this dream with his friend late, Mr. Rajiv Sharma. Mr. Bhargava was aware of the industry as he had already been a part of this for a couple of years before and had whipped off the losses of two major relocation companies in India of that time before he planned to start his own company. At that time, people were completely unaware of the potential that this unstructured industry had to offer. The netizens were unaware that there could be a hassle-free way of relocating goods without jeopardizing the safety of their belongings. They would often rely on truckers to help them relocate. And hence, to revamp the industry and to make relocation seamless for people in India and abroad, Mr. Bhargava founded a company named PM Packers (PM) now PM Relocations with a motto to provide Stress-Free Moving Services Around The World, Across The Street.

In the nearly three decades since its inception, PMR continuously grew and evolved, transitioning from a pure relocation company to a Rs 50+ crore conglomerate operating in ‘businesses of life’, with a pan-India presence. Through this journey, PMR’s focus on outstanding quality has been consistent and unrelenting. In its entrepreneurial journey, PMR focused on building and leveraging relationships with the best in the world, in its relentless pursuit of excellence.

It’s the ideal time to take a pause and re-assess, to think about notable achievements and relentless work done year-round. When we look back to the mesmerizing 35 years journey, PMR emerged with a great vision and just with few people we had begun our excursion towards the relocation trade. The achievement we perused today is simply beyond our expectations. It’s an extraordinary result of our endeavours which we delivered with 100% honesty and devotion. This 35-year remarkable journey fills our minds with humble gratefulness for all the endeavours put in by our team that made every success count.

We would also like to take this opportunity to owe much of our success to our employees and other unsung supporters who stood by us at every step as we tread on known and unknown paths during this long journey. Achieving this milestone will be an incredible accomplishment for PMR founders as being a self-financed association they are on the right road to achieving excellence with outstanding techniques and infrastructure and skilled individuals and teams.

In the 35 years of excellence journey, we unveiled a number of relocations and ultimately we visualized unlimited number of happy customer faces. We celebrated many festivals, including the success of achieving targets, best team awards, festivals, picnics, parties, birthdays and organized many training programs for the betterment of employees and the growth of the company. Along with that, we marked our presence into national and international awards.

Completing 35 years as a successful Packing and Moving company in India is a great accomplishment for us. We thank all who have been associated with us for all these years. We encourage each member of our team to keep up the good work. Looking forward to more successful years to come.