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Planning Your Move with Kids

Relocating from one place to another can be hectic specially if you have tiny tots with you. If you are moving with your kids, not only do you have to worry about moving but also how to keep your kids safe and entertained throughout the entire process. On the day of moving , a lot of heavy furniture and appliances are packed and hauled by professional packers and movers, number of people walk in and out of the home and a lot of mess is created throughout the day. Add to this your children running around and you can imagine the kind of injuries and havoc your child can get into.

If you are worried about your Kid’s safety and entertainment amidst the moving chaos, this guide will help you prep with some basic ideas to keep them out of the way while moving.

Friends or Family Members Are Your Safest Bet!

Not only do they know you but also know your child up close which helps children gel around and not miss their familiar surroundings. Children especially younger ones tend to run around and hurt themselves during the movement. You can ask your close relatives or your closest friend to take care of them for you. They can take them to the nearest park or stay in and watch a movie to keep them occupied throughout the day. Majority of the neighbours are happy to assist you while you are moving.

Create A Safe Play Zone

While planning your move, you can designate a safe play zone for your child to play without any interruption. This will also help the packers and mover to continue with their work smoothly. You can easily ask the mover to clear one room first and then let them know that the child would be playing their post them emptying the room. Make sure you supply your kids with entertaining board games, colouring books and their favourite toys along with their favourite snacks and drinks in the room. If you have a pet, you can also keep the pet along with the child to keep them both occupied.

Let Them Pack Their Supplies on the First day

It is essential that the child is able to process the entire transition happily, considering he/she would be leaving their friends behind. Build the child’s excitement by making them pack their supplies for their first day at their home. Their favourite books, games, clothes, snacks etc. Keeping them occupied with packing helps them through the transition to the new home.

Hire A Professional

The professional babysitting market is still picking up pace in India. You can call professional babysitters to help you for a day while you are carefully overseeing the relocation done by professional relocation company. Professional babysitters can really be a help specially when no close relative and family member is close by.

Ask the Moving Company If They Give Out Activity Packs

Some reputed professional moving companies do provide specially curated activity packs for kids. Make sure you ask your relocation company about the same while moving with them. Some distribute age wise activity packs to keep the kids entertained.