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Pros and Cons of Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is a very famous destination for expats. With its legendary chocolate, alps, and luxurious lifestyle choices, it offers a very high standard of living. People mainly relocate to Zurich, Bern, and Geneva as a part of corporate relocation. So, after moving people to Switzerland for the past 35+ years now, we often get reviews from the country and so in the case of Switzerland we have a list of both positive and negative feedback.
So, we thought of sharing some insights on the same, and here is a handy list of pros and cons that we think will be useful if you’re planning to shift to Switzerland.


1. High Standard of Living
Life in Swiss is very comfortable and seamless for the expats. Switzerland often ranks among the top countries for its income, education, safety, and healthcare facilities. It also has a very low unemployment rate and not only this Swiss residents have the 3rd highest average salary in the world.
2. International Hub
Switzerland shares its international border with Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Moreover, it has a large number of expats coming in yearly from around the globe which makes the business grow.
3. Great Education
The swiss education system is considered to be one of the top education systems in the world. The education standard at state schools is also very high and is free for every resident. In terms of higher education, swiss colleges offer a wide variety of top courses.
4. Job Opportunities
The most frequent justification for moving abroad is employment. They might need to move to a new office in a different nation, or they might just want improved career possibilities. If you're trying to advance your career, Switzerland is a great option because salaries there can be double or even treble those of comparable positions in other European nations. The average salary in Geneva and Zurich is said to be the greatest in the entire globe, with the majority of residents working in the financial, banking, and insurance sectors.
5. Healthcare
With a life expectancy of 84 years for women and 79 years for men, they clearly have a top-notch healthcare system. You must get health insurance within three months of moving to Switzerland, but for the cost, you can anticipate great standards, minimal wait times, and high quality of treatment.
6. Safety
Switzerland is one of the safest places in Europe to live and raise a family because of its tranquil lifestyle and low crime rate. Although pickpockets are common in busier tourist locations, violent crime is incredibly uncommon there. In Switzerland, you should dial 117 in case of an emergency.
7. Stability
Switzerland is not just a safe country but also one of the most stable democracies in the world with a history of neutrality. Switzerland is a safe haven for investors due to its relative resilience during the recent economic slump and its relatively low unemployment rate.


1. Cost of Living
Switzerland has some of the most extremely expensive cities on the planet. Starting with the rent and even daily life things like groceries, fuel, and power are expensive.
2. Swiss People
Swiss people are often seen to be as not very friendly or chatty with others. They are very reserved and you might not have any swiss friends in your group in the first few years in Switzerland, you could have a friendship group made up of people from all over the world - but no Swiss!
3. Renting a home
This might sound like a small task but it is indeed a big deal to find a home for rent. It requires a long list of documentation and the housing market is quite competitive when looking for options for renting a house.
4. It’s very expensive
Moving to Switzerland requires some financial planning, as the cost of living in many cities is comparable to that of Singapore, Oslo, Copenhagen, or Hong Kong. Many Swiss families cross the border into their neighboring European country to save money on their weekly groceries.
5. Cultural Differences
If you're moving to Switzerland from Europe or North America, for example, you might not expect culture shock to be an issue. However, because expats in Switzerland expect there to be no differences, they are often surprised when problems arise.

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