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Relocation during Monsoon: How to get it Right?

Relocation is quite a tiresome phenomenon and doing so amidst the heavy downpour, muddy holes and ever-increasing traffic chaos makes it a nightmare altogether. It is at this stage that the strategic planning in advance can save you from the unnecessary hassle and make your move smoother, soother and a lot more comfortable.

Understanding key measures which can be taken for a happy, safe and an endearing moving experience during Monsoon is essential. We give you top 6 points to help you plan your move better during the upcoming monsoons.

Choose your Movers wisely

It’s imperative to choose a reliable relocation company that possess adequate knowledge and experience in moving goods during rainy season as there is a higher risk of goods being smashed at this time of the year.

Plan your Move in Advance

During Monsoon, the roads are jam-packed that can lead to delay in delivering goods at the desired destination. Hence, it is suggested to plan and book your move in advance, considering the possibility of delays in process.

Ask for Closed Body Trucks

It is always better to cross-check with the mover if they are using open body trucks or not. Since, open body trucks aren’t covered from the roof and hence your precious belongings could be drenched due to heavy rain-fall. Also, it is essential to understand what kind if packing material is used to ensure that your belongings are safe and prepared to be moved during the rainfall.

Cover the Floors Properly

The heavy downpour and humid weather make the floors slippery and hence prone to skidding. Thus, it is advised to cover the floors with adequate cardboard sheets or mats to avoid any occurrence of tripping over and goods being fallen and damaged in the process.

Get Liability Coverage

Despite all possible precautions taken by you and the movers, the unavoidable risk of mishap is always lingering around. In such a scenario, it is recommended to get all your belongings aptly insured to be on the safer side in case of any natural or man-made adversity.

Take Care of your Health

Monsoon is synonymous to water-borne diseases, fungal infections and other hard-hitting ailments. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to take care of your health and maintain good personal and community hygiene, particularly during Monsoon, to avoid getting sick. Some of the common diseases that occur in this weather are—malaria, jaundice, typhoid and cholera. The intake of clean drinking water and light food such as—barley, rice, wheat and vegetable soup can help prevent these diseases to a great extent. Therefore, make sure that you have enough access to these food items at your destination.