relocation company in India Sharing & Caring: The Prime Motto of PMR
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Sharing & Caring: The Prime Motto of PMR

PMR is not only restricted to making business profits, but also believes in taking care of its people and the environment as a whole. With the primary objective of “Sharing and Caring”, we carry out a wide range of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities across diverse areas so as to promote equality, education and equanimity amongst different sections of the society while maintaining equilibrium in nature.

In an attempt to bring smiles to masses, every year, we make a conscious effort to provide food, clothes, shelter and other useful items to the less fortunate ones through our collaboration with many Government and private-owned relief organisations such as Goonj, Bhumi, Prayas, to name a few. Quite recently, we visited the Earth Saviours Foundation - an internationally recognised NGO catering to the needs of thousands of destitute all across the globe; distributing food and clothes, spending some quality with the innocent souls, and sharing their joys and sorrows.

Furthermore, we believe in the very fact that “Every child has the right to Education”. In this regard, we participate in various fund-raising events and programs dedicated towards providing free education to the less privileged section of the society; SHIVPREM is one such initiative through which scholarships are provided to the deserving children.

Also, we extensively work towards creating awareness about other significant yet sensitive issues such as female infanticide (and foeticide), child labour, corruption and environment preservation, thus, promoting a harmonious and fulfilling society.

Undoubtedly, in a true sense, such contributions for the betterment of mankind make us absolutely contented, and motivate us to work harder so as to become capable enough to serve the humanity to the best of our potential.

Happy Sharing! Happy Caring! Love from PMR Family!