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Top 5 Expat Friendly Destinations to Relocate

Generally, when people choose to move from one location to the other, it is mostly considered to transition from average living to a better way of living in an upcoming or established metropolis. However, people choose to relocate these days opting to chase their dreams, pursue various growth opportunities and have a peaceful and happy lifestyle outside the country borders. Expats looking to emigrate from their homeland, tend to prefer weather conditions which are more favourable in comparison to the weather condition back home. When it comes to choosing a desirable country to relocate to; people prefer moving to exotic places or the ones with a decent high standard of living.

Already confused as to which countries are both the best and expat friendly? Read our handy list of countries you could choose from to relocate to next.


Portugal claims the title of being one of the most welcoming places for expats. The expats living in Portugal, claim that it is one of the happiest in comparison to any other country as the locals are not only friendly, but they also look after expats as their own natives. Almost 4 out of 4 expats describe the Portuguese as welcoming people.


The country of Taiwan strikes the wonderful balance when it comes to expat living. Not only is it less polluted but it is a lot friendlier and chipper in comparison to other east Asian countries. Taiwan ranks for its accessibility to expats and a variety of geography, outdoor culture and delicious food. Expats staying in Taiwan claim it to be a home away from home and welcoming for them.


When it comes to Mexico it ranks on 87% in terms of friendly attitude towards expats and close to 39% of expats feel that they are likely to stay forever in Mexico. Leaving the home country for a better work/life balance is a primary motivator for many expats for moving abroad. Many expats use the communication infrastructure in Mexico to work remotely for their organizations. Apart from this the cost of living is much lower than most of North America and hence one work’s less, and good food and better living.


Emeralds and tropical landscape are some of the best reasons one would want to move to Colombia. Apart from this it also has a strong economic outlook, where the GDP growth of Colombia is expected to reach 3.5 percent in 2022. What directly means that the country is likely to host more skilled manpower in the days to come. And hence the inflow of more expats and a health expat friendly destination for people.


The expat ration in the population that makes up Bahrain is close to 55%. This allows people from different culture to come together and work from different cultures. Not only is Bahrain rich in culture and authentic Arabic food but it is also not compulsory to learn Arabic to move around and communicate in this country.

** The data is collected from Expat Insider’s report released in September 2017 and Business Insider