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Looking for Work in the UK, Check Immigration Eligibility

Being a country bustling with love for art & culture, the United Kingdom is the backbone of British life. Cultural Diversity lies at the core of it. The workplaces, societies, and communities are friendly and welcoming. Plus, there are growth & career opportunities as the UK ranks as the sixth highest economy in the world. However, to work in the United Kingdom, you must ensure the following points to check your Immigration Eligibility.

By reading this blog till the end, you will be able to understand all the Visa & Immigration Eligibility Requirements you must be supposed to fulfill in order to relocate for working in the UK.

Types of Working Visas

Let us first know how many types of Working Visas are there in the UK. The employment visas here can be basically classified under four major categories:

• Short-term working visas

According to the UK Point Based System, these visas are included under the Tier 5 types of Visas. These may include a Charity Worker visa, Youth Mobility Scheme visa, Creative & Sporting visa, International Agreement visa, Religious Worker visa, and more.

• Long-term working visas

According to the UK Point Based System, these visas are included under the Tier 2 types of Visas. These may include a Tier 2 General UK work visa, Tier 2 UK Intra-company Transfer visa, Tier 2 UK Minister of Religion visa, or Tier 2 UK Sportsperson visa.

• Investor, Business Development & Talent Visas

For international company developers, talent seekers, and investors, the UK has established several visa categories. These may comprise of UK Innovator visa, UK Start-up visa, UK Global Talent Visa, UK Graduate Entrepreneur visa, and UK Investor visa.

• Other working visas

There are other types of visas also that can be availed in order to settle for work in the UK. They are UK Ancestry visa, Representative of Overseas Business UK visa, and Turkish Worker UK visa, to name a few.

Due to specific restrictions, certain UK work visas are more challenging to avail than others. The candidate will frequently need to have a work offer from a licensed sponsor that meets the basic skill & compensation standards. However, there are some other eligibility criteria that stand common, irrespective of which employment visa you avail. These necessities are:

Concerning Your Job

Talking specifically about a skilled worker visa, it requires that you work for a UK employer who has received Home Office approval. You must possess a "Certificate of Sponsorship" from your employer detailing the job offer you received in the UK. Ensure that you perform work that is listed among the qualifying professions, receiving a minimum wage; the amount depends on the work you accomplish. Your employment determines the specific eligibility. Hence, before you apply for your visa, you must have a job offer that has been accepted. You may apply for other types of visas as well as having their own eligibility specifications.

English Language

The need for knowing and understanding the English Language is of extreme importance. You must be capable of speaking, reading, writing, and understanding English in order to work or settle in the United Kingdom. Although the most used languages there include Scots, Cornish and Irish as well but the most spoken is English.

Extending the Work Visa

Before you plan on extending your visa, know that it may be valid for up to five years. When your visa expires, if you move employment or employers, you must apply to renew or amend it. Stay spontaneous about the deadlines and the rules & regulations.

If you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, you may seek to extend your visa as often as you would like.

You could able to submit an application for Permanent Residency in the UK after a term of five years. Attaining it, you now have the freedom to stay in this country as long as you wish to be here, work here, study here, and, if you qualify, ask for benefits.

Therefore, to attain the experience of working in the United Kingdom, ensure the eligibility of the same. The above-mentioned points might help you out in knowing how to approach this in the best possible way.