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5 Reasons why Iceland is the best place to live for Expat Families

Observing the record of past years taken together now, Iceland has been ranked as one of the best places to live. With excelling health, happiness, and overall satisfaction record, Iceland is becoming a popular country for expats to move to. The rich culture, social-welfare system, and natural beauty of the country enable a great lifestyle option for people. Its proximity to other spots in the European continent has attracted many expats.

If you are planning to move to Iceland but are doubtful, do read the below-mentioned five reasons and know why Iceland is a great place to live in and have a great expat journey.

1. The Environment is Safe and Clean

The Environment in Iceland is free of pollution to a great extent. The air is safe and clean and offers a great breathing experience. With peacefulness and security, it ranks first on the Global Peace Index.

Talking about health, the country is doing exceptionally well. The Icelanders have a life expectancy of 82 years which is astonishing in the 21st century. The pollution level in this country is remarkably lower than the OECD average.

The crime rate in Iceland is also low. Thanks to the small population and safe surroundings of neighbourhood. The safety is so that residents sometimes leave their babies unattended and still stay assured about their kids’ safety.

Iceland has paid great attention to its energy reserves as well. Learning from the scenario in the 1970s, the country today is a leader in sustainable energy. It is driven almost completely by its hydroelectric and geothermal energy. Making sustainability a part of its ecosystem, the country offers one of the cheapest and most abundant ways of living to the residents. You may drink the water straight from the tap, it is that clean. And the fresh air makes you want to stroll around in the bounties of nature even more.

2. Equality as a National Concern

Yearly, Iceland scores high in terms of the Worldwide Social Progress Index following the Inclusiveness and Acceptance pattern for gays and lesbian communities. Iceland has also progressed in making available equal opportunities for women and men in society. Efforts toward gender equality are being made as a concern for the nation. Same-sex marriages have been legal since the year 2010. And since 2006, gay couples are legally permitted to adopt children. Because of this accepting nature, the country has become a popular destination for gay marriages.

3. In the Lap of Nature

It is rightly said that “Wherever you may be in Iceland, you are not far from the sea or the mountains.” With countless sightseeing prospects and just a 20-minute drive from the capital, Reykjavík, you can find a wide variety of hiking and biking routes. Enjoy various nature-seething activities like horseback riding, playing on the golf courses, surfing, and strolling in the bounties of nature. Downhill and cross-country skiing are some of the other great options for you to enjoy.

The weather in this country never stays static. So, you have a chance to be thrilled every day at every hour. Nature and its scenic beauty allow you to have a time off from work and labor. You can enjoy the closeness with such soothing visions of the environment and have a good time in the lap of nature.

4. Community And Cultural Hang of the Country

Iceland comprises a small-scale population with a strong sense of community. The largest city in this country is Reykjavik. It is great to be here in case you wish to experience the seaside village vibes. You will witness here the pleasant combination of the old and new architecture. So, make sure you halt by and take time out to enjoy these effortless delights.

Apart from that, the nightlife of Reykjavík is a thriving musical experience altogether. With amazing bar crawls, you can just sit back and relax at any of the pubs to enjoy the mood of the night. The Icelandic dining experience is also a must-have. There’s a variety of music & art festivals throughout the country with something exciting always around the corner. This has led to a tourism expansion as well.

5. Affordable Healthcare and Education Facilities

Iceland has got one of the most flexible health care facilities to provide to its residents. To become a part of the Icelandic Health Insurance system, you will have to live here legally for six months. Once you become a member, you won't have to pay more than ISK 25,000 for healthcare in one month. The number will go on to decrease to ISK 4,183 in succeeding months.

The Medical Services include visits from doctors, physiotherapy, treatment for long-term ailments, scans, and hospital stays. There are free Pregnancy check-ups and childbirth in the country. Also, with one of the highest Life Expectancy Ratios, you may want to be a part of the healthcare system of this country.

Also, the Icelanders coin themselves as an extremely Educated Nation with the education system ranking fifth in the world. It is affordable and excellent with schools providing free of cost education too. However, you might be required to pay for extra courses that might be taken up by the students. Day-care facilities are also easily available. Education is compulsory amongst all the ethnic groups and communities of the nation. The public schools in the country are relatively good for the locals as well as the foreigners. The attitude towards educating oneself in the best possible way is encouraged and appreciated in the country.

Iceland, named one of the best countries to live in, provides a safe and beautiful environment with benefits such as affordable housing and free education. Hopefully, this post provided a more complete picture of this small island located far to the north! Keep warm.