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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to UK

The UK remains a top destination for those looking to move abroad, and with many good reasons. Whether you’re looking for good education, culture, or job opportunities, the UK offers all. Here are 5 reasons to consider, when relocating to the United Kingdom.

5 Impeccable Reasons To Move To Australia Immediately

Migrating to Australia is one of the hot topics in expat groups. Many people from the UK, Asia, and other parts of the world are moving to Australia for various reasons. Australia is a country with very low unemployment rate and living in Australia means getting many opportunities; it is a young, multicultural and open country with an ever-growing economy.

If you need a little more convincing, go through our list of top 5 reasons why we think moving to Australia could be the best decision you ever made.

Top 5 Must Have Utility Apps For Expats To Use In India

So, if you’re planning to migrate to India, first of all welcome, namaste and we hope you have a great time here. Talking about migrating to India, a country of 1.3 billion people offers great opportunities to expats but it also comes with some challenges. And that’s where technology comes into the picture and helps you do your task easily, quickly and cheaply.

So here’s a quick list of 5 must have apps for expats that makes life easier when in INDIA.

5 Tips to Minimise Workplace Negativity

There is nothing which affects employee morale other than workplace negativity. It also disturbs the smooth working of the employees and diverts the attention to unimportant things other than work.

As HR professionals are closely in touch with employees from the day of hiring to exit interviews, it’s important for HR professionals to pay attention to workplace negativity as it threatens the success of the organisation. Negativity causes heavy losses and this needs to be addressed properly.

Top 5 Must Have Utility Apps For Expats To Use In India

So, if you’re planning to migrate to India, first of all welcome, namaste and we hope you have a great time here. Talking about migrating to India, a country of 1.3 billion people offers great opportunities to expats but it also comes with some challenges. And that’s where technology comes into the picture and helps you do your task easily, quickly and cheaply.

So here’s a quick list of 5 must have apps for expats that makes life easier when in INDIA.

Tips to Prepare Your Team For An Office Move

Your workforce is an immense part of your business, so while relocating to a new office inquire what's essential to them. This shows that you have your employees on a fundamental level. We suggest making an announcement plan in order to guarantee that you can lay hand on with their requirements and assist them with getting coordinated for the company shifting.

PMR Celebrates It’s 35 Glorious Years This Month!

Excited & delighted to share some wonderful news! Yes, it’s hard to believe but PMR celebrates it’s 35 Glorious Years this month – mature though young and full of enthusiasm. 35 YEARS OF PM RELOCATIONS IN JOURNEY OF ITS FEAT surely gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride.

6 Important Changes That You Must Do When You Enter A New House

No matter if you’re moving for the first time or 100th time, there are certain unspoken rules that you must follow in the new house to make it more homely. Here are the 6 things you must change when you enter your new house for your own safety.

5 Points To Consider Before Moving To A Big Town

Relocating to a new place is a big decision for anyone and overwhelming as well. But, if the opportunity is good, something you were always waiting for, then this tough decision might seem like a pleasant change in your life. It might bring the long lost happiness that you were always searching in your previous job, place or partner. But, before you take any decision, you must introspect yourself because no matter how exciting it may look in the first place, there are certain things you need to sort out before you move out. Ready to go through the list? We present you all the questions you need to ask yourself before you relocate to a new place.

5 Safest Ways To Plan Your Relocation During The Festivals

As festivals are knocking on the door, Indians are trying to get back to normal. It has been months since people have been restraining themselves from going out and meeting their loved ones. The advisory that always rings when we call someone has made us more terrified of the situation. And as the festival season has started, it has become strenuous for us to think about sitting inside on Diwali.

How Can You Find The Right Relocation Company In 5 Simple Ways?

Sameer was really excited once the loan money got approved, he was finally set to bring his dream to reality; his dream of moving his office to the dream location he had eyes on since forever. In the beginning, he was a little nervous, but soon his hard work started to pay off when he started getting projects after projects. He experienced the same turmoil of emotions when he had to relocate to a new place. Relocating was not just hard, but he was also naive in that respect with no one to guide him.

5 Deadly Moving Mistakes That Can Kill The Thrill

We all have to agree that relocating could be an exciting as well as tiring experience; for most people, it becomes a nightmare because they forget to checklist some important points until the day of the relocation. And, when the time is as uncertain as they are today, making a plan beforehand can help you relocate safely.

Tips To Bond Virtually If You Strive For Human Connections!

As the countries are looking out for vaccines to cure the Covid-19 pandemic; it is slowly and steadily reshaping the face of virtual communication and bond people are eagerly building to connect with potential clients and with strengthening the existing bon with friends, family and colleagues.

4 Tips To Stay Organized While Moving On A Short Deadline

Moving has never been an easy task, add to that a time crunch and the whole task seems dreadful! Keeping the short deadline in mind, we’ve brought you our 4 handy tips to organize and plan for your moving. Whether you’re moving for a new job that is going start soon or you are looking to relocate soon to settle in time for your kids to start school soon, these tips will help you keep your cool as you go through the moving process.

Our Top Tips To Ensure A Safe Moving Experience Post COVID-19

You might be one of those thousand families who were in the process of moving/ relocating to a different location, city or a country. However, the due to these stressing times all your plans for moving might have been put to an indefinite halt and a fear of moving post these uncertain times.

Decoding Art Moving in India

Art moving can become challenging especially considering the risk of moving exquisite costly fine art pieces, drastic weather conditions, lack of proper infrastructure and availability of proper commercial setup. The risk is inherent, especially when fine art pieces are exposed to Indian transportation conditions leading them to be broken, scratched, smudged or mishandled while moving.

Finding Job Opportunities In South Korea

As Korea is a work-oriented country and the people believe that hard work will lead to success. Perhaps, they always have pride in the work they do. The currency of South Korea is Won. However, for working/moving to Korea, you would need Visa for your employment. There are three kinds of visa that will explain your course of employment in South Korea.

Why Experiencing Relocations Is A Must

Since the moment you took your first breath till the time you think to be independent, you are pampered all throughout by your parents. There might be only several occasions where you might have been left alone, sometimes with your siblings, and other times with endless household work. But we bet there wouldn’t have been one moment where you are left all alone to pay for the bills and do all the household work or challenge you to tons and tons of workload. Being pampered all throughout your life can disgrace the value of the basic things, like money or food; Hence, in order to understand the worth of life, you must opt to relocate at least for once in your life, and it’ll be a worth it an experience.

Moving In The Korean Culture

The three languages, Korean, Japanese and Chinese might seems similar however it might surprise you that these languages though sharing the similar sense of ancestral homage are infact culturally very different from each other. However, Korea is very different from its other Asian counterparts. How? The country has its own unique set of cultural norms and the citizens are proud of their nationality. Korea is one of the two states which became economically powerful in the less framework of time.

Relocation during Monsoon: How to get it Right?

Relocation is quite a tiresome phenomenon and doing so amidst the heavy downpour, muddy holes and ever-increasing traffic chaos makes it a nightmare altogether. It is at this stage that the strategic planning in advance can save you from the unnecessary hassle and make your move smoother, soother and a lot more comfortable.

Step By Step Guide For Seamless International Moving Experience

Moving is undoubtedly an intimidating task. While moving within a country can be a little easy-going, relocating across the international border can take a toll on you in its entirety. Thus, we have listed here the important step-by-step processes to make international relocation smooth and hassle-free for you. Further, this guide emphasizes upon the household goods removal which is in alignment with other kinds of removals such as that of office items, vehicles, pets, etc.

Important Factors To Consider Before Relocating For A Job

In the present era of globalization, the percentage of professionals relocating to distant lands in the hope of career advancement is on a constant rise. As per the updated statistics, 37 percent of individuals are willing to relocate anywhere in the world for better career opportunities. While the figure is quite impressive, it is crucial to consider the very fact that relocation comes with its own tribulations and challenges. So, here we have taken an endeavor to help you have an enriching experience wherever you move to.

Expat Insider| Know The 5 Popular Expat Groups In India

India- the largest country in the South Asian region; is an eclectic mix of different cultures and people. While in the past, India was categorically recognized as a territory that people usually preferred to move away from in order to find their fortune in the west, a reverse trend is slowly emerging, given to a large populace leaving their homeland moving to India to relish the vivacious expat life here. Presently, around 20,000 to 30,000 expatriates are living in India, and the number is growing rapidly on an annual basis.

FIDI: Four Letters That Guarantee A Smooth Move

Gone are the days when people used to simply hire an ordinary truck, and get their belongings moved to a new destination with the help of few labourers, or part ways with their treasured assets, in lieu of relocating to a foreign land. Nowadays, owing to the high risks of damage, theft, and/or loss of valuable items during transportation, the populace is increasingly shifting towards employing relocation companies for their wide range of shifting needs including the destination and settling-in services.

Sharing & Caring: The Prime Motto of PMR

PMR is not only restricted to making business profits, but also believes in taking care of its people and the environment as a whole. With the primary objective of “Sharing and Caring”, we carry out a wide range of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities across diverse areas so as to promote equality, education and equanimity amongst different sections of the society while maintaining equilibrium in nature.

Cross-Cultural Literacy: Blessing For The Expats In India

In today’s era of modernisation and globalisation, the presence of multinational companies (MNCs) is considered synonymous to a country’s development at the international level. India- one of the leading nations across the globe, is the major attraction for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the leading MNCs, which has extensively contributed to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), i.e. $ 9.459 trillion, making it the third fastest growing economy in the world.

How to prepare your dog for a move

Moving Pets in Winters can be a daunting experience. Their extreme sensitivity to cold & the subsequent deterioration in health can send pangs of anxiety. Here are a few Tips to ensure your Friend has the best Winter Move ever!

You Must Be the Change You Wish to See In The World

Inherent with the culture of serving and helping others, we at PMR believe that we owe a lot to the society and environment and therefore, emphasize on returning to society by serving the underprivileged and spreading happiness through our CSR activities. Being a dynamic and growing relocation company in India, we envision to impact the lives of many underprivilege children. With our crisp vision in-line, PMR is well on its way to executing its ambitious CSR plans to nurture and bring happiness to the lives of people around.

Top 5 Expat Friendly Destinations to Relocate

Generally, when people choose to move from one location to the other, it is mostly considered to transition from average living to a better way of living in an upcoming or established metropolis. However, people choose to relocate these days opting to chase their dreams, pursue various growth opportunities and have a peaceful and happy lifestyle outside the country borders.Expats looking to emigrate from their homeland, tend to prefer weather conditions which are more favourable in comparison to the weather condition back home.

Planning Your Move with Kids

Relocating from one place to another can be hectic specially if you have tiny tots with you. If you are moving with your kids, not only do you have to worry about moving but also how to keep your kids safe and entertained throughout the entire process. On the day of moving , a lot of heavy furniture and appliances are packed and hauled by professional packers and movers, number of people walk in and out of the home and a lot of mess is created throughout the day.

Everything You Need To Know About GDPR!

What is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. The introduction of GDPR is to simplify the regulatory environment for business in such a manner that both citizens and businesses in the EU can benefit from the digital economy.

Expat Wealth - The Journey

When you're abroad, you may have new opportunities to add to your wealth. So how do you make the most of this situation? Living overseas can offer brand new experiences that just aren't available at home.This includes additional options and considerations for managing both your life and your wealth.