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Top Secrets You Will Be Grateful To Know Before Moving To Estonia

Anyone who has ever relocated to a new country will know it can be an incredibly daunting experience. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the knowledge you need to make your move as smooth and successful as possible. Moving to Estonia is no different. It can be exciting, but with its unique culture, language, and customs, sometimes it is better to know before you pack your bags and head off on your Estonian adventure. This blog post will provide some invaluable insider tips that will help make your transition easier - from navigating the public transportation system to finding local cuisine - this guide has all you need for a successful move to Estonia.

1. The Weather is Unpredictable
The first and crucial thing you should know about the Estonian weather is that it is very unpredictable. This means that you should always be prepared for changes in temperature and precipitation. It is natural for the weather to change drastically from one day to the next, so it is necessary to be ready for anything.
Estonia has four distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season brings its own unique weather patterns and temperatures. In summer, the temperatures often reach the 30s (Celsius). Winter can be a chilling season, with temperatures often dipping below freezing.
If you are planning on moving to Estonia during the winter, be sure to pack an appropriate winter wardrobe.

The People
Estonia is a small nation with a population of just over 1.3 million people. The majority of the people who live here are Estonian, but there are also sizable minorities of Russians and Ukrainians. Most people speak Estonian, but Russian is also widely spoken.
The people are known for being hardworking, friendly, and innovative. They have a strong sense of national pride and love their country dearly. Estonians are also very environmentally conscious and take great care to preserve their natural surroundings.

The Culture
Estonia is a small country with a lot of cultures. Estonia is that it is very diverse. There are many different ethnic groups living here, and each one has its own unique culture. You will find Estonian culture to be very open and accepting of others.
One of the most important aspects of Estonian culture is the family. Families are close-knit and supportive, and they play a big role in society. Children are raised to be respectful and hardworking, and families spend a lot of time together.
Estonia has a long history, and this is reflected in its culture. There are many museums and historical sites to visit, and the country has a rich cultural heritage. The arts are also an important part of the local culture, and there are many talented artists in the country.
If you want to experience true Estonian culture, you should try some of the traditional foods. Some of the most popular dishes include black bread, sauerkraut, blood sausage, and potatoes. These dishes may not sound appetizing at first, but they are actually quite delicious!

The Cost of Living Depending on your lifestyle, the cost of living in Estonia can be very affordable. Expenses such as food, transportation, and utilities are relatively low when you compare them to other western countries. However, housing costs can be high, especially in the capital city of Tallinn.
If you are looking to save money, there are a few things you can do:
1. Take advantage of public transportation. Estonia has an excellent public transportation system that can help you get around without having to use your own vehicle.
2. Try to find housing outside of Tallinn. There are many smaller cities and towns throughout Estonia that offer more affordable housing options.
3. Take advantage of discounts and coupons. Many stores and restaurants offer discounts for students and seniors, so be sure to ask about any available discounts before making a purchase.

What to Expect
Estonia is known for its forested hillsides and picturesque coastline. The capital city, Tallinn, is home to a medieval old town, lively nightlife, and a growing startup scene.
If you are considering moving to Estonia, there are a few things you should know. First, the cost of living is relatively high compared to other countries in the region. However, salaries are also high, so it is possible to live comfortably here.
Second, Estonians place high importance on work-life balance. This means that they often take advantage of their leisure time and have a strong work ethic.
Third, the winters can be long and dark. But don't worry! The summers are warm and sunny, making up for the colder months.

Moving to Estonia is an exciting adventure and one that will reward you with a unique experience. Knowing the top secrets before relocating can help make sure your transition goes smoothly. From understanding how to get residency here to learning about Estonian customs and traditions, there's so much useful information and helpful tips for anyone considering a move to this beautiful country. With all of these insider secrets under your belt, you are now well on your way toward a successful relocation!

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