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5 must-have apps for expats in Finland

Moving overseas is something that is quite difficult to tackle and requires intense planning. In this era of technology, amidst all the planning one thing that can surely come out as handy and reduce your moving stress are the apps on your smartphone. Several tools and apps are specially designed and come out in handy for an expat settling in a new country.

So, here’s a super useful guide on must-have apps for everyone who’s moving, living, or traveling to FINLAND!

1. WOLT (Yummy food directly in your tummy)

WOLT is by far the best food and meal delivery service app in the country! Almost operational in all of the major cities. It has many restaurants listed on the app; through this, you can get anything from fast food to different cuisines from around the world delivered right to your doorstep. Moreover, WOLT also has its online grocery market which offers vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other household things to get delivered to your home.

2. Duolingo/Google Translate (Learn it or Translate it)

Duolingo is the best free app to learn Finnish. It launched the Finnish language course on 2020 on popular demand and since then it has been the best platform to learn Finnish on the go.

In addition to this, Google Translate is something that comes to your rescue for quick and instant translations from Finnish to English or any other language worldwide.

3. MobilePay (Payment made easy)
MobilePay is Finland’s most easy, quick, and most widely used mobile payment method. This app is free for all customers and enables you to open an online account and helps you pay for online purchases with a single swipe/tap. Even many markets and stores accept MobilePay as the payment option as well.
4. Moovit (Public Transport on the go)
If you’re an expat and thinking of moving to Finland then you will surely need to rely on public transport. Moovit is a mobilisim app that provides real-time updates on local buses and trains. This not only works in Finland but in around 800+ cities around the globe. It also tracks the live movement of trams in Finland.
5. Finnish Authenticator
This mobile app is the best on the list of apps for expats in Finland. The Finnish Authenticator application enables an expat to authenticate himself to Finnish Government e-services. The registration is based on your passport. It’s completely free to use.

So, this was the list of must have apps for expats in Finland. If you’re planning to move to Finland from anywhere on the globe, get in touch with our Move Specialist at PM Relocations via call at 82-82-82-7356 or

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