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When planning to move to a new country, we are often intrigued by numerous questions to which we keep finding the answer. Often we run clueless when the questions run out of number. While there could be different concerns for different countries or cities or states we wish to move to, we need to address each of them to be confident while settling in a new place. This series of PMR features the top 5 FAQs people have regarding moving to various major countries. The series is an attempt to answer the maximum number of questions people commonly have concerning these countries. It also spreads awareness about the major concerns common masses have regarding these countries.

The first on the list is Germany…

Germany is a flourishing and modern European state where expatriates mostly plan to move to. It is one of the most popular countries which stands in demand as a great choice for people to relocate. Also, the language, culture, people, habitat, job opportunities, and education in Germany are worth taking count of. Therefore, while numerous points are being taken into consideration, the queries ought to be even more. Hence, we have listed below the top 5 FAQ people have regarding Germany:

Is Germany a safe place to be in?

Indeed, Germany is one of the safest places you can live in. May it be for a short period or years together, may it be because of your job or education, Germany facilitates an exceptionally secure environment to reside in. The healthcare facilities and infrastructure over here are excellent and well-maintained. The crime rate in Germany is very rare, but still, one is advised to stay vigilant and careful about themselves and their surroundings.

Is there any benefit in learning the German language?

The more it is difficult, the more it is important to learn the German language. It is one of the most demanded languages around the world. When in this country, it is preferred that you know how to speak German or at least the basic phrases of it. The people in Germany do not speak English as often as they speak German. And the basic fact is that people connect more easily and genuinely when you converse with them in their language. Locals will often appreciate the efforts you make to learn their language. From the road signs to the menus to the subtitles in the television programs and the news headlines, you will see everything appearing in the German language. Therefore, it is recommended that you know German & the basics of it as well. Although, some of the day-to-day prospects here are carried out in English, learning the language of the country is encouraged.

What is the salary scope for expatriates in Germany?

German is one of those places in the whole world that offer some of the highest salaries to expatriates. They can expect to earn very well when here. The ones with specific qualifications such as in the fields of science, technology, and finance, have good scope here. However, if you are new to this place and do not already come with an employment offer in hand, then do have your savings to help you out in the initial stage because you cannot expect to get employed over here right away as soon as you enter Germany.

What are the education facilities available for the children of expatriates in Germany?

When here, you will be able to get access to some of the first-class education and schooling facilities. The local government schools over here are also excellent but have a condition for your child to grasp the German language as they grow. In case, if you face a problem with your ward concerning the language used in communicating in the school, make sure you pick for your kids the right international school. This is essential so that they do not face any kind of language barrier when schooling. There are some amazing international schools available in every major city in Germany so go ahead, do your research, and pick which you think is best.

Hope the FAQs as mentioned above and their answers have been able to provide you with the necessary information about the major concerns of moving to a new country. If want to know about more such major countries, do not forget to check out our other FAQs in the series.

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