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So, what is Baggage+? As the name might suggest, it is another important part of PMR that is set to make your mobility needs addressed in a more seamless and quick manner. One of our initiatives, Baggage+, has a huge history and various other aspects for you to know before you know why this collateral was formed. So, let us have a quick ride. Shall we?

The Inception of Thought:

Taking it from the battles and challenges that the global pandemic posed before us in the last year, PMR has been up and onwards into making sure that nothing stops us from providing seamless mobility solutions to our clientele. The past year of hard work and toil has conveyed its share of benefits to our organisation, PM Relocations (PMR). Despite all the roadblocks and impediments, we have been able to bring multi-fold results for the organisation by crossing a turnover of INR 100 crores this year. Moreover, the firm is all set to hit the revenue target of INR 200 crores by the next financial year.
Founded as PM Packers & Movers Pvt Ltd in 1986 by two best friends sharing the same first name Rajeev Bhargava & Rajeev Sharma, the firm was rebranded as PM Relocations Pvt Ltd in 2006 to focus on the global moving sector. And ever since, the company has grown over 3000%.

The Right Intent is all-surpassing:

What kept us uplifted in all decaying circumstances was the right intent, the very aspect with which we started. When the second wave of COVID-19 wreaked havoc in the last year, PMR relocated over 5000 families within India, 8000 families overseas, and beyond 100,000 laptops and desktops to ensure business continuity. Despite being an MSME, the company provided charitable, pro-bono logistics support to NGOs such as GiveIndia and RHA during the pandemic.
At our organisation, we have always kept our intent at the core of whatever we did. We have always believed that the right intent in life can help you achieve anything in life. This intent is the most intrinsic aspect with which we began. Even after being an MSME, starting small, with zero financial backing or support, and belonging to an unconventional sector like Packing & Moving, it was our intent that kept us afloat through all kinds of challenges and struggles.

Our Brand Diversification:

Going a step further, PMR is now known as a 'Quality' driven and 'Value' centric company that focuses on streamlining the client experience. During the pandemic, our brand diversification helped us soar through the difficult times. This service extension was beneficial to us. While we have accomplished much, it is important to note that we are a self-funded organisation with no outside funding.
Our brand portfolios include:
  • PMR- Domestic & International Relocation
  • PMRGO- Domestic Moving
  • Store+- Short- and Long-Term Warehousing
  • PetGo- Pet Moving
  • Baggage+- Baggage Moving
  • PMR Logistics- Equipment Moving
  • Relo+- Relocation Assistance
  • Artistics- Fine Art Handling
So, we hope that by now, you might have known & understood why and what Baggage+ is meant for. Let us now understand what Baggage+ precisely is and what all it can do for you.

Knowing what it actually is?

Concerning the moving needs of people worldwide, there can be requirement of different types. Our brand diversification model is exactly the need of the hour. Moving anything and everything with maximum seamlessness has always been our motto and in order to meet that demand of people across the world, we have been making all our efforts. So, this strategy is our big expansion plan to make sure that nobody who desires to move (domestically, internationally, or even third country moves) lacks the right kind of service that is needed.
Out of all the collaterals in our brand diversification strategy, Baggage Plus makes for a subsidiary of PM Relocations. PMR understands that domestic and international moves require special attention and expertise as a FIDI and ISO-certified company. With this in mind, Baggage Plus strives to provide quality service at competitive rates, as well as expert advice and care. Under this branch, we provide the following services:
  • On-demand moving service
  • Reliable International Baggage Moving Service
  • Baggage Courier Service to avoid high airline fees
  • Hassle-free customs clearance experience
  • Doorstep and Stress-free delivery
In short, it is a solution for all your Baggage Moving needs.
So, what are you waiting for? If you are also planning to move your goods, we are here to assist you with our moving services as well as our expert advice!
Contact us for a seamless baggage moving experience. Dial us at our toll-free number 8282827356, or write to us at to get your customized quote today.
Also, if you want to know more about Baggage Plus, visit our Instagram page and learn more about this collateral. Happy Relocating!

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