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  • Oct 05, 2021
    PMR Recognised For Offering Pro-Bono Logistic Support

    PMR is immensely proud to share that our efforts have been recognised by leading media journals and newspapers in the country.

    In midst of the crisis situation in India, PMR has been supporting and conducting Pro Bono activities for many individuals and NGO’s. Everyone at PMR is relentlessly working for the cause and has joined hands to uplift and support whoever we can.

    Check out our complete covearge published in the latest issue of our leading industry magazine Worldwide ERC®

    • Oct 03, 2021
      Diversity and Inclusion: A Balanced Working Environment

      With the pandemic pushing diversity and inclusion higher up the agenda, businesses have all to gain from putting forward-looking policies in place. Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of PMR Relocations in India, looks at the benefits of hiring from across a broad range of backgrounds.

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      • Sept 27, 2021
        Achieving A Balanced Work Environment

        Today, the terms Diversity, Inclusion and Equality (or DIE) are becoming synonymous with a happy and balanced work environment. Since the pandemic, incorporating DIE has become an incredibly significant aspect to ensure that today’s taskforce is not left hanging amidst chaos. DIE forms a key triangle to encourage workplaces to implement a holistic work environment and bolster growth.

        Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of PM Relocations, in India, looks at the complementary issues of diversity, inclusion and equality in the workforce.

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