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Accomplishing Results Through Employee Engagement

Dreams Become Passion!

The Portal, IAM

Running an unconventional business in an unorganized industry in India comes with its fair share of challenges. Moving industry is extremely fragmented and considered far from the other popular & glamorous industries. Hence, people usually don’t associate fun and learning to be part of this industry!

Here at PMR, we try to beat the odds by making our corporate environment fun, engaging and productive at the same time for our team members. I have always believed we work in a very stress-based environment where we are all holding responsible positions of shipping the most critical and treasured belongings of our clients, hence it becomes important to enjoy the ride!!!


Opportunities for growth and development for employees in organization helps them expand their knowledge, skills and abilities and apply the competencies they have gained to new uprising situations. Hence, we dearly focus on our rewards and recognition program for our employees.

1. Awards: Understanding the complexity and stress of our business, we aim to contribute more and more and bring value to the performances of our employee. Hence, acknowledging our staff’s hard-work we hold annual awards for both our warehouse teams and office staffs pan India. Practicing this not only helps the organization to maintain the top-quality employees but ensure that the teams have healthy competition to outpace their own performances every year.

2. On the Spot: The opportunity to gain new skills and experience can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction and help workers more effectively manage job stress. For an organization, this can translate into positive gains for organization by enhancing organizational effectiveness and improving work quality. Hence, we have introduced the concept of ‘On-the-Spot’ awards where employees are awarded based on extraordinary contribution or performance at work.

3. Fun Day /Annual Day Events: At PMR, we work hard to provide the best environment for our employees. Hence, we understood, explored and unleashed the potential of Employee engagement for the smooth functioning business in a dynamic business environment such as ours. For us, engaging with our internal customers (employees)is not only limited to proactive participations on work Saturdays but also hearing the employees out and encouraging them to participate in the overall planning and smooth functioning of our office routines. Hence, in-order to support this we hold fun day’s once every month to celebrate the birthdays of our employees and enjoy a time of fun and activities. Apart from this we also hold Annual day event once every year on PMR’s birthday to bring together all our employees and acknowledge their initiative and outstanding achievements in the previous year along with celebrations, role paying skits, singing and dancing.


We have segregated each aspect of fun, learning and development into effective committees or groups. Encouraging our employees to be a part of our corporate DNA. The groups broadly known as ‘The Responsible’ who focus on activities around Corporate Social Responsivity, ‘The Force’ – which focuses on Sports and games, ‘Movers & Shakers’ which and plan and organize for entertainment and engagement and ‘Fire Proof’ which focus on Health and Safety related trainings. We make sure our employees have fun while staying motivates and efficiently delivering customer service excellence.

1. Role Plays: When working in a customer-oriented industry, it becomes very crucial to understand the work done by our supporting teammates hence for the smooth functioning of our teams we regularly hold ‘Role Play’ activities where we try and demonstrate a particular situation to understand the various nitty gritty of a job by enacting case-studies for encouraging and knowledge sharing within teams.

2. Training Mentors: People cannot always ‘do it’ alone and hence, they also need support, guidance and nurturing. To help with this, we have put in place a mentoring program for our managers. Effective mentoring is unbiased and identifies qualities and abilities in other people to develop them. We focus on training the trainers to help them carry forward a strict and company-oriented vision to their team members.


Our vision has always been to impact the lives of people who we associate with. Hence, in order to touch the lives of people we have been contributing to many diverse CSR initiatives to support crucial growth and development causes such as supporting girl child education, contributing to end hunger and spreading smiles to underprivileged children. We aim to be a harbinger in bringing together different teams to successfully execute the vision of the company pertaining to our diverse CSR initiatives via Scholarship, Collaboration with Local Shelter Homes & Schools, Partnership with the Toy Bank to donate toys to children, Collaboration with Goonj to donate clothes and books to children and Collaboration with local Food Banks to support underprivileged families.