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Dreams Become Passion!

Dreams Become Passion!

The Portal, IAM

When Aakanksha Bhargava joined India-based PMR, she could see that the industry had a great deal of untapped potential. Although she was quite young, and had little practical experience under her belt, she began to explore its scope. “Interestingly,” she recalls, “things went on a very positive learning curve. Not only did I get a chance to absorb and learn about the global moving industry; I used that knowledge to empower, educate and implement it in our company, elevating it to today’s work and quality standards.”

Adding to that store of experience and knowledge clarified the bigger picture and enabled Bhargava, now the company’s CEO, to dream even bigger. “PMR today is much more than just a family business,” she says. “Now, it is my passion.”

Bhargava—who is also an IAM Core Members Management Board representative for Eastern and Southeastern Asia (Region 3)—abides by several principles that guide her leadership of the company:

  • • Constantly increasing the service quality standards for clients and customers
  • • Setting better work-ethic standards in the company
  • • Exploring various innovative avenues and opportunities to grow and build business
  • • Ensuring a strong HR base and building resources and knowledge.

So far, her advancement toward her goals has been right on target. “When you really want to achieve something in life,” she says, “you go after it aggressively to make it happen. Also, for me, intent is important. It is just about the strength of one’s mind and having faith in the intent of your heart that makes you achieve higher in life. When one really does decide on something, courage trumps fear. One just needs to take the plunge and watch the miracles happen.”