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PMR CEO Ms. Bhargava, Represents India's Relocation Expertise at Prestigious Harmony Conference

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava, represented our company as part of the Indian panel at the prestigious Harmony Relocation Network Conference 2023, held in Toronto, Canada, earlier this month. This conference brought together industry leaders and experts from the global relocation and mobility sector to discuss trends, challenges, and future directions.

As a proud member of the Harmony network, we were honored to participate in this event that celebrated cooperation, innovation, and progress in global mobility. Ms. Bhargava lent her expertise by being part of an esteemed panel focused on relocation in the Indian context. She spoke eloquently about the opportunities and unique aspects of relocation in India, drawing from her vast experience in this domain.

Her presence at this global forum, standing shoulder to shoulder with international industry veterans, was a huge source of pride for our organization. It demonstrated that Indian relocation companies like ours have arrived on the world stage and are delivering services and solutions that match the highest global benchmarks.

The Harmony Conference 2023 covered a wide range of topics crucial to the future of the relocation industry worldwide. Sessions addressed issues such as duty of care, virtual assignments, using big data, dual career support, and more. Our CEO made sure the perspective from India was well represented in these discussions. Her interventions threw light on how these global trends and practices translate in our local context.

We are thankful to the Harmony Relocation Network for giving us this valuable opportunity to represent the capabilities of the Indian relocation sector. It was a chance to highlight the tremendous progress made by companies like ours, thanks to the visionary leadership of people like Ms. Bhargava.

Her participation has motivated our entire organization to keep aiming higher and continue raising the bar when it comes to service quality and industry best practices. We have always believed in collaborating and learning from the global best instead of reinventing the wheel.

This conference and our CEO's role in it mark an important milestone for our company. Interactions with international peers have expanded our horizons and given us new ideas to better serve our clients. We look forward to implementing these learnings and continuing to elevate India's position in the global relocation industry.

We are excited about the road ahead as a proud Harmony partner and are confident of representing our country well on the world stage. The future of mobility looks bright, and we are geared up to be at the forefront, leading from the front.

PAIMA Honors PMR with High Tonnage Award for Diligence Across Asian Region

We are thrilled to announce that PMR has been awarded the prestigious Second Highest Reported Tonnage Award for 2022-2023 in the Asian Region by PAIMA! This is an incredible achievement that recognizes PMR's commitment to excellence and customer service in international moving.  

As a leader in the Asian relocation market, PMR has worked tirelessly to provide seamless end-to-end moving solutions for families and corporations. Our team of experts handles every aspect of an international move with care and attention to detail. From packing and transportation to customs clearance and storage, we make it our mission to take the stress out of moving so our customers can focus on settling into their new homes.

Winning this award from PAIMA, the leading international trade association for the moving and forwarding industry, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire PMR team. Our staff pours their energy into building strong relationships with our clients and agents so we can understand their unique needs and exceed their expectations. This recognition motivates us to continue raising the bar year after year.

We are especially proud to be honored by PAIMA, an organization that upholds the highest ethical business standards worldwide. PAIMA agents must pass rigorous inspections to ensure compliance with industry regulations and commitment to honest, transparent practices. As a PAIMA member, PMR shares these values. Our team maintains integrity in all we do to build trust in every interaction.

As we receive this award, we want to thank our loyal clients and dedicated partners who have put their trust in PMR. We could not have achieved this honor without their continued support. It is our privilege to handle their moves, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of their relocation journeys.

The Second Highest Reported Tonnage Award reflects the hard work of the PMR family and aligns with our core purpose: "To help as many people as possible move around the world stress-free." Guiding our customers through successful international relocations is about more than just logistics - it's about giving families a chance to pursue new adventures in life. This award motivates us to keep fulfilling this purpose for years to come.

We are thrilled to have our efforts recognized, but greater than any award is the satisfaction of helping our clients settle into their new overseas homes. Our commitment is to pay this honor forward by continuing to deliver best-in-class global moving services. From all of us at PMR, thank you to PAIMA for this achievement. We look forward to upholding your standards of excellence as we continue serving our valued customers.

Cartus Once Again Recognizes PMR's Dedication with Platinum Commitment to Excellence Award

We are thrilled to announce that PMR has received the prestigious Platinum "Commitment to Excellence" Award during the 2023 Cartus Global Network Conference. This remarkable achievement reflects our team's dedication to providing unmatched quality and service to every client. 

Earning the Platinum award is no small feat. It is granted exclusively to providers who maintain an exceptional client satisfaction score of over 95% throughout the year. By winning this top honor numerous years in a row, PMR has proven our steadfast commitment to excellence time and again.

Our passionate, devoted team upholds our pledge to offer customized relocation solutions, seamless communication, and compassionate care during every client's move. Their hard work and perseverance to go above and beyond have led PMR to earn the highest distinction from Cartus.

Cartus, a trusted leader in the relocation industry, guides clients through intricate corporate relocation programs, from complex to simple. To receive this prestigious recognition from such a reputable organization is a tremendous validation of our commitment to service.

This award is not just a recognition of our accomplishments but also a source of motivation to keep aiming higher. The Platinum Commitment to Excellence Award proves that our dedication to providing top-notch quality, unrivaled customer service, and creative solutions does not go unnoticed. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to Cartus for acknowledging our excellence in the global moving industry. Also, a big congratulations and thank you to our amazing team members - this achievement would not be possible without their passion and tireless effort. 

The Platinum Award serves as a reminder that perseverance and hard work pay off. Our team has upheld an unwavering pledge to offer white-glove service and compassionate care throughout each client's relocation journey. This honor from Cartus validates that dedication.

As we reflect on this milestone, our motivation is renewed to continue raising the bar. We will keep striving to deliver seamless, stress-free moves and provide the top-quality experience our clients deserve. 

Once again, congratulations, and thank you to our remarkable team! We applaud you on this well-deserved recognition of your commitment to excellence.

PMR Entrusted with Moving Priceless Indian Artifacts to G20 Summit

PMR Tapped as Official Logistics Partner for Transporting Artifacts to G20 Summit New Delhi, September 13, 2023.

In a proud milestone for leading packers and movers company PMR, the organization has been selected as the official logistics partner for carefully transporting invaluable artifacts and artworks that will be showcased at the prestigious G20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi from September 8 to 10.

The PMR team skillfully prepared and diligently packed an array of over 200 precious artifacts sourced from various national and state museums across India, including Mathura, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Sarnath-Varanasi, Sanchi, and Kolkata. Additionally, they expertly handled the delicate artifacts from the Mauritius embassy in Mumbai.

These antiquities and artistic treasures ranging from the 5th century BC to the early 20th century AD are destined to be displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art during the summit. Interestingly, some of the most notable artworks have been sourced internationally from Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, Mexico, South Africa, the UK, Türkiye, Spain and South Africa. They will be unveiled on September 8 at Pragati Maidan, where the G20 proceedings are being held.

PMR CEO Aakanksha Bhargava stated, "We are deeply honored to undertake this vital responsibility of carefully transporting these priceless cultural relics that depict India's rich heritage. Our teams leveraged customized special packing materials and temperature-controlled vehicles manned by our most experienced crew to ensure completely safe and secure transfer of these artifacts to the venue."

The antiques include Arthunkal Figurine from Kerala, Buddhas from Phophnar and Goli, Chola Bronzes, Bidriware gifted by Nizam of Hyderabad, Temple Jewelry, Mughal Miniature Paintings, Tanjore Paintings, Pala Sculptures, Rajasthani Pichwais, Thanjavur Art Plate, Golconda Textiles, Patna Quran and more.

PMR's appointment as a logistics partner for this high-profile event affirms its credentials as a pioneers in fine arts transportation globally. It also represents India's artwork conservation capabilities on the world stage. PMR Tapped as Official Logistics Partner for Transporting Artifacts to G20 Summit New Delhi, September 5, 2023:

In a proud milestone for leading packers and movers company PMR, the organization has been selected as the official logistics partner for carefully transporting invaluable artifacts and artworks that will be showcased at the prestigious G20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi from September 8 to 10.

The PMR team skillfully prepared and diligently packed an array of over 200 precious artifacts sourced from various national and state museums across India, including Mathura, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Sarnath-Varanasi, Sanchi, and Kolkata. Additionally, they expertly handled the delicate artifacts from the Mauritius embassy in Mumbai.

These antiquities and artistic treasures ranging from the 5th century BC to the early 20th century AD are destined to be displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art during the summit. Interestingly, some of the most notable artworks have been sourced internationally from Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, Mexico, South Africa, the UK, Türkiye, Spain and South Africa. They will be unveiled on September 8 at Pragati Maidan, where the G20 proceedings are being held.

PMR CEO Aakanksha Bhargava stated, "We are deeply honored to undertake this vital responsibility of carefully transporting these priceless cultural relics that depict India's rich heritage. Our teams leveraged customized special packing materials and temperature-controlled vehicles manned by our most experienced crew to ensure completely safe and secure transfer of these artifacts to the venue."

The antiques include Arthunkal Figurine from Kerala, Buddhas from Phophnar and Goli, Chola Bronzes, Bidriware gifted by Nizam of Hyderabad, Temple Jewelry, Mughal Miniature Paintings, Tanjore Paintings, Pala Sculptures, Rajasthani Pichwais, Thanjavur Art Plate, Golconda Textiles, Patna Quran and more.

PMR's appointment as a logistics partner for this high-profile event affirms its credentials as a pioneers in fine arts transportation globally. It also represents India's artwork conservation capabilities on the world stage.

PMR Promotes Hard Work and Dedication with New Promotions

PMR Relocations is excited to announce several promotions for the 2022-2023 period. These dedicated employees have shown tremendous growth, commitment, and contributions to the company. We want to congratulate them on their new roles and give a warm welcome to their expanding responsibilities.
Abhishek Pal has been promoted to Assistant Manager-Quality & Claims. With his diligence and attention to detail, Abhishek has proven himself capable of managing one of the most important aspects of our business. We know our claims and quality control processes are in excellent hands under his leadership.
Joining Abhishek in management is Chandan Choudhury, our new Manager-Accounts. Chandan has shown sharp financial acumen and organizational skills that will greatly benefit PMR's accounting and budgeting needs. We appreciate all his hard work preparing for this promotion.
Several employees were promoted to Senior Executive roles, including Ankit Arora in Business Development, Komal Rani in Invoicing and audit, Sangeetha K in Sales Support, and Vikash Kumar in Supply Chain. Their depth of experience and commitment to excellence will make them influential leaders in their departments.
We also want to recognize our standout contributors elevated to Senior Move Coordinator - Nakul Bhardwaj, Prince Kumar Rathor, Sandeep Bhowmick, and Yukti Nath. Our coordinators are essential to providing seamless relocations. We greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to their coordination expertise in their new positions.
In Customer Service, Priyanka Arora was promoted to Manager. Priyanka has long shown dedication to improving the customer experience. We are confident our customers will feel the benefit of her leadership and compassion.
Savita has been promoted to Executive-Accounts after consistently going above and beyond. Varun Kumar will also be joining management as Assistant Manager-International Moving. His international expertise is invaluable as we expand our global relocation reach.
We also want to highlight Sangeetha K's promotion to Sr. Executive-Sales Support and Akash Tripathi's promotion to Executive SEO. Their contributions to sales and digital marketing will significantly impact our future growth.
At PMR, our employees are our most valued asset. We are proud to recognize these team members for their amazing work by promoting them to new challenges and responsibilities. Their passion and performance truly epitomize the PMR philosophy. Please join us in congratulating this outstanding group! We can't wait to see their future accomplishments for PMR.

PM Relocations Achieves Record-Breaking INR 200 Crores Turnover Despite Pandemic Challenges

PM Relocations (PMR), an Indian relocation company serving globally, has achieved a momentous milestone by crossing the INR 200 Crores turnover mark for the Financial Year 2022-23. Despite the pandemic-induced challenges and roadblocks, PMR has registered a phenomenal growth rate of over 80% in turnover from the previous year. This is a testament to the company's commitment to providing exceptional moving services to its clients.
Aakanksha Bhargava, the CEO of PMR, expressed her delight at this achievement and revealed that the company is now looking to expand its domestic and international footprint further by setting a revenue target of INR 350 Crores for the next fiscal year. To achieve this ambitious goal, PMR plans to increase its headcount by 20% across diverse roles and functions.
The company has been growing out of profits and debt and is a bootstrapped organization. However, Aakanksha Bhargava highlighted that PMR had accelerated its domestic footprint across different regions in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata by upgrading its infrastructure regarding physical space, technological, and security upgrades to cater to the growing demand for warehousing and storage services.
PMR focuses on expanding its online presence, leveraging customer experiences, and upgrading its technological infrastructure solutions. The company will soon launch its redesigned website and a new mobile application, with plans to increase online leads.
PMR's phenomenal growth performance in the Financial Year 2022-23 sets the tone for the year ahead. With strategic expansion plans, online and offline growth strategies, and a focus on employee development, PMR aims to build a highly scalable business that caters to the growing demand for professional moving services across domestic and international relocations.

PMR Shines the Spotlight on Top-Performing Employees at Annual Day

On March 04, 2023, the PMR, a prominent company in the relocation industry, held its annual awards ceremony at the exquisite Lemon Tree Hotel. This event was an opportunity for the company to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional contributions and accomplishments of its remarkable employees.
PMR's awards program was categorized into three parts, namely performance-based awards, tenured-based awards, and fun awards. The performance-based awards were presented to those employees who demonstrated remarkable work ethics and went above and beyond in their respective roles, thus contributing significantly to the company's growth and success. The tenured-based awards, on the other hand, celebrated the commitment, dedication, and hard work of employees who completed their 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 years of service with the company. Finally, the fun awards acknowledged employees' camaraderie, teamwork, and support for one another outside of work, including extracurricular activities, sports (cricket), and fun awards for colleagues.
The CEO of PMR expressed her joy, saying, "We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our top-performing and loyal employees. Their hard work and dedication have contributed to our continued growth and success as a company. We are grateful for their contributions, and we look forward to their continued success with PMR."
The awards ceremony was a night of glamour and excitement, with employees dressed elegantly and eagerly waiting to hear their names called out. The winners were awarded plaques, certificates, and other exciting prizes, while their colleagues cheered them on and congratulated them.
PMR's annual awards ceremony was a resounding triumph, honoring the exceptional accomplishments, devotion, and teamwork of its remarkable employees. The company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding its employees' hard work and dedication bodes well for its continued success and growth.

PMR Hosts Successful AIM 2023 with Productive Meetings and Team Building Activities

The PMR AIM (All India Meet) of 2023 has brought a wave of excitement as the event promises to be a grand affair. Scheduled from 27th February 2023 to 03rd March 2023, the event will be held at the state-of-the-art Gurgaon office. The event commenced with the lighting of Diyas, a traditional Indian way of welcoming guests from all branches, which was followed by intense meetings between departments and representatives from other branches. Finally, every department put forward their presentations in front of the higher management, showcasing their accomplishments and strategies for the future.
These meetings continued until 02nd March, and on 03rd March, a special outdoor training program was organized by the company for the management. The program focused on imparting the necessary skills to lead and develop teams, ensuring their growth and success. Simultaneously, the PMR has arranged team-building activities for employees aimed at fostering stronger bonds between them.
The event offers a unique opportunity to bring together the entire PMR family under one roof and foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. With each department bringing forth its best foot, the company is geared up to scale new heights of success. In addition, the event has set the perfect platform for employees to showcase their potential and learn from the experiences of their peers, ultimately leading to the betterment of the organization.

PMR Celebrates India's 74th Republic Day with Patriotic Fervor

India is a land of diverse cultures, religions, and languages, known for its unity in diversity. The country's vibrant history and rich heritage have always been a matter of pride for its citizens, and this feeling becomes even stronger on the occasion of Republic Day. The 26th of January marks the day when the Indian constitution came into effect, making India a republic and a sovereign nation.
PM Relocations celebrated the 74th Republic Day in the office, and it was a sight to behold. Every employee participated in the celebration with great enthusiasm, and there were some exciting events organized to mark the occasion. Every bay was decorated with tri-colour Indian flags, stripes, and other patriotic symbols, and every department took part in the decoration competition. The atmosphere was filled with patriotic fervour, and the employees' energy was contagious.
The celebration continued with some employees performing a dance on patriotic songs while others sang melodious tunes that invoked a sense of national pride. The CEO, Aakanksha Bhargava, hosted the flag, and everyone present saluted the national emblem with respect and honour.
The cherry on top was the special tri-colour sweets that everyone received as a token of love and appreciation. The sweets added a unique flavour to the celebration, making it even more special.
PMR's celebration of Republic Day was not just a show of patriotism; it was also a reminder of the company's values and culture. It was a celebration of diversity, unity, and harmony that resonated with the company's ethos. The event was a perfect example of how PMR values its employees, and it was a day that every employee will cherish forever.

PMR Dedicates A Special Day to Its Families

By keeping our people at the heart of everything we do, PMR has never lacked in bringing the most innovative and all-encompassing ideas to play for making our people feel special. We appreciate and believe in the selfless efforts our workforce puts in to meet the uninvited challenges and the 24*7 accountability in making the clients and customers happy and free of stress. Our people often go beyond their official working hours to meet the demands of our clientele and our blue-collared staff remains on the run round the clock. We believe that behind all these efforts and dedication lies the unwavering support of our people’s families. They act as the powerhouses of our workforce and keep them boosted on individual levels so that they could outperform, stand accountable, and ultimately, bring growth and success to the organization. They are the key drivers making it possible for our people to work as one united team which is selfless, unconditionally giving, and aggressive towards hitting the set targets and milestones.
Therefore, to commemorate this passion and zeal of our “powerhouses”, we came up with a new idea to enhance employee engagement at the workplace. We dedicated a special day to all the families of PMR wherein each branch had a special day devoted to experiencing joy and belongingness. There had been a lot of activities planned up for each and everybody at the Family Day Juncture, such as hand painting, a magic show, special dance performances, mehndi time, rides and swings, and a lot of other exciting activities as well. Not only this a Success Speech was also delivered by our esteemed CEO, Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava, and the blissful words of wisdom were delivered by our dear MD, Mr. Rajeev Bhargava.
Each branch’s theme was different and special too. For instance, while the theme for Gurgaon Family Day was of “Avengers and Superheroes”, the theme for Bangalore was “The Angry Birds”. While the theme for the Pune branch was “Doraemon”, the theme for Chennai was “Shinchan”. The Hyderabad & Chennai office had “Motu Patlu” as their event’s mascot, Delhi had “Chotta Bheem”, Kolkata “the Tiger” and Mumbai “Tom & Jerry”. All these themes helped the kids feel jolly and enticed them into exploring what would come next.
Hence, PMR, this December, took an initiative to celebrate togetherness uniquely. And, commencing ahead, it plans to have more such exciting activities that enable a stronger sense of belonging amongst our people.

Welcoming 2023 together At Office

Yes, we leave behind no occasion to enjoy to the fullest and The New Year Celebration is no exception to it. Every year, this occasion serves as one of the most awaited instances at all our office branches. While there is a lot of eating, dancing, singing, and partying together, there are numerous amazing events that take place on this day too. Concerning this party, everyone stays eager to know who the year’s “Ms. & Mr. PMR” would be. Indeed, all the newbies that join us in the year count as the representatives who fight their way through talent showcasing and Question & Answer Round to win these precious pageants for our organization.
This year, the celebration was accompanied by multiple fun activities and cheerful “chit-chat” sessions among our people. Dancing, singing, and having a gala time together couldn’t find an escape when it met the enthusiastic hearts of the zealous and fun-loving PMRians. The event began with a fun game wherein each PMRian was handed over a balloon. The task was to save one’s balloon & burst those of others. The winner was to be the one who kept the balloon safe till the very end. Another enjoyable game was the “picking of gems from a straw” which engaged a lot of our people.
The Ms. And Mr. PMR round then began with the Couple Ramp walk of the newbies. Shortlisted participants then performed in the Talent Show where each newbie came up with a portrayal of their different kinds of talents, such as dance, singing, doing stunts, solving the Rubik’s Square, acting, and more. The final round included the finalists and each of them was asked questions based on which we got our Ms. PMR and Mr. PMR for the year 2022. While the title for Mr. PMR was bagged by Abhishek Pal, Mansi Billa was entitled to Ms. PMR. Each of them was presented with a sash and a gift hamper. Eventually, the day ended with some devouring of tasty snacks, the Cake Cutting Ceremony, and the DJ where each PMRians came forward to enjoy their best through dancing. We are grateful for the amazing way in which we entered our New year 2023 in total harmony, togetherness and joy.

“HO HO HO!!! It’s Jingle Bells” In the PMR House

Christmas is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year. And we at PMR, have no contrasting thoughts on this aspect of festivity and celebration. Every year, PMRians make the best of Christmas by engaging in numerous activities that are not only full of fun but also enriching as they seem. We practice donating at all our office branches. We practice this act of giving like no other because we consider the whole month of December as the “Joy Of Giving Month”. This year, we collaborated with several NGOs to enable our mission to reach its fruition and to spread some beautiful smiles on the faces of the people who need it the most. PMR, in the Joy Of Giving Month 2022, teamed up with Lakshyam NGO, Earth Saviour Foundation, Robin Hood Army, and Dream Girl Foundation.
Taking about the in-house fun, the chiming of bells, the laughter of Santa, and the glimmering ambiance could be witnessed in the House of PMR through the exhilarating Christmas Celebration in all our branches. 24th December 2022 served as a brilliant example to showcase our excitement for the festive season. All the PMRians came together in red, white & green to bring out the colors of the "Big Day". A group of little Santas from the Dream Girl Foundation came to wish us a very "Merry Christmas" through their dancing and singing.
While some PMRians enjoyed getting presents from their Secret Santa, others enjoyed dancing to the amazing Bollywood songs, singing along to the carols in praise of Christ, clicking some amazing pictures, and having the delicious Christmas Cake together.
Thus, we did our best to mark this beautiful occasion in the most cherishing way possible. Commencing ahead, we aim to enjoy our togetherness in a more beautiful and mesmerizing way. Merry Christmas!

PMR collaborates with Earth Saviour Foundation & Dream Girl Foundation in its #JoyOfGiving Month

As it is the most beautiful time of the year and the reasons to celebrate and make merriment are multiplying themselves, PM Relocations, just like every year, has engaged in bringing smiles to children, adults, and old-aged people. PMR strives to make all efforts needed in providing tons of blissful memories to the unprivileged. Every year, when the pious and enlightening occasion of Christmas is around the corner, PMR gets involved in its traditional way of celebrating the beautiful festivity. The Joy of Giving Month at our organisation, that is, the month of December, brings with it lots of reasons to spread happiness and gather numerous blessings in return. This month is a part of our year-end festivities where our team comes together to donate something valuable to the unprivileged people and children supported by the NGOs we collaborate with to serve a cause bringing back multi-fold blessings to us.
This year, following our tradition, the donation drive was conducted in all the branches of the company. The PMRians, putting in their whole heart & soul, came forward to donate whatever best they could with the hope of bringing a change in the lives of and joy in the hearts of the recipients at the NGOs. All the gathered donation was then delivered to the NGOs- Earth Saviour Foundation & Dream Girl Foundation where they were distributed amongst the Children and Adults. After receiving all that we had to offer, the recipients at the NGOs were filled with gratitude and happiness. And, we, in turn, felt blessed and joyous to have done our bit into bringing some glorious smiles onto their faces.
The prime focus of all our CSR initiatives includes doing the best for others in whatever manner possible. And, this time, towards the end of the year 2022, we have successfully done what we always intended to through our remarkable collaboration with the Earth Saviour Foundation & Dream Girl Foundation. We believe and take pride in rightfully have served the purpose of the Joy Of Giving Month.

Celebrating the Joy Of Giving Month with the kids of the Lakshyam Foundation

PM Relocations strives its best to make every December at the office an amazing experience for not only its employees but the little ones that remain deprived of such amazing festivities in life too. Every year, the month of December is observed as the Joy Of Giving Month at the company wherein all the people at PMR try their level best to make the Christmas month of the unprivileged children full of happiness and unparalleled bliss. This month, we came up with a new idea to bring smiles to these kids.

Our Joy Of Giving week had begun with a fun kid's movie day out. It served as a way to celebrate Christmas with the kids from LAKSHYAM, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Delhi that has been involved in childcare and social care for many years. As a matter of pride, we were successful in making this a happy afternoon for the little ones. Like many other amazing initiatives, this Movie day out served the cause and became the reason for us to bring value to the lives of other people. We have been collaborating with the Lakshyam Foundation in past as well and this collaboration was yet another step in the same direction.

The kids not only laughed and enjoyed themselves at the screening of one of the most exciting kids’ movies- “Minions, the rise of Gru”, but they also had delicious meals which widened the smiles over their faces. The movie screening was conducted in the PVR Movie Theatre and our CEO, Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava herself accompanied to see the movie along with the kids. We are happy to have served the purpose and we intend to bring more worth to the kids as a major part of our CSR Activities.

PMR dedicates a day to bring joy and happiness to the kids at Robin Hood Army

PMR has been a collaborator of the Robin Hood Army (RHA) for a long time wherein it focuses to bring value and happiness into the lives of unprivileged children in the best manner possible. At the same time, it strives to plan out new and different activities to perform along with the kids in order to bring fun and thrill and make their day a beautiful & exciting one. This Month, which is considered to be the Joy of Giving Month at PMR, we presented a day full of enthusiasm to the young ones by visiting and celebrating Christmas with them.

On 20th December 2022, following the beautiful festive vibes in the air, team PMR lent out to the Robin Hood Army NGO, all excited. We presented the kids with Santa Caps and had them pose along with us for a beautiful and vigorous picture. We also brought them some colors and sheets to execute the painting activity which was conducted just after. The children participated in the fun activity energetically. While some drew Santa, some painted the Snowman while Christmas was being adorned by others. Lots of dancing and singing followed wherein our CEO, Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava, herself participated, appreciated, and accompanied the kids. There had been some special performances that the kids had prepared especially for us. Through these efforts, the love and belongingness of the kids towards PMR clearly become evident. As the day ended, we presented e-notepads and some gifts to the children along with some delicious munchies, all of which they received with utter bliss.

Fulfilling our motive for this festive Joy Of Giving Month and adding another successful event to our CSR Initiatives, we feel happy to have spread some beautiful smiles yet again on the faces of these beautiful children. We are proud to have filled their hearts with some unforgettable memories and joy while taking back home some of them with us as well.

PMR's Samsiddhi 2022 Retreat- A Celebration of Hard Work, Perseverance, and Success

PMR, an Indian relocation company, has become the first in the industry to take its employees on a Dubai retreat after crossing the remarkable milestone of 100 Crores in turnover. Dubai, the city of dreams, became the perfect destination for PMRians to revel in the glory of their hard work, perseverance, and commitment to success. Samsiddhi 2022 is a momentous occasion for PMR with a remarkable milestone of crossing 100 Crores in turnover. The organization came together to celebrate this monumental achievement in the grandest way possible.

As the core team of PMR embarked on their journey to Dubai, excitement and anticipation filled the air. The bustling city, with its eclectic vibe, grandeur architecture, and luxurious lifestyle, promised to be the perfect backdrop for the celebration of success. The trip was a culmination of 4 days and 3 nights, packed with exciting and exhilarating activities that will remain etched in the memories of PMRians for a lifetime.

The trip started with the PMRians proudly flaunting their Samsiddhi 2022 Retreat T-shirts, symbolizing their triumph over challenges and their commitment to excellence. Then, the private yacht ride, where PMRians spent an enchanting evening while watching the sunset and soaking in the beauty of the Arabian Sea, set the tone for the rest of the trip. Finally, the thrill of sand-dune bashing at Dubai's Desert Safari was an experience that added a whole new dimension to the concept of adventure.

The beauty of Dubai's Miracle Garden, a magnificent display of over a million flowers, was a sight to behold. The towering Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, was a perfect opportunity for PMRians to experience the city from a bird's eye view. The limousine ride around the city, followed by a private Bollywood night at 'The Dark Room,' reflected the high spirits and celebration of the team's accomplishments.

Aakanksha Bhargava, the CEO of PMR, was elated with the team's accomplishment and the grandeur celebration. She said, "Our team's relentless hard work, dedication, and commitment have made this possible. We have a wonderful team that has been working towards accomplishing this feat with their diligent support and contributions. These are the people who not only dreamed the vision with me but made it happen, and it's an honor to celebrate this achievement in the grandest way possible. Dubai was the place where I started my professional journey! I completed my MBA from Dubai, a milestone in every sense and hence, it always held that special place in my heart."

PMR has always been at the forefront of introducing new aspects and recognition in both its business and employee development. As the company aims high and approaches its ambitious target of 200 Crores this year, it recognizes the importance of investing in employee growth, learning, and development to build a strong foundation for the organization to skyrocket high up.

The Samsiddhi 2022 retreat serves as a testament to PMR's core values of hard work, perseverance, and celebrating accomplishments as a team. It showcases the company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding its employees' efforts and contributions, thereby creating a culture of excellence and innovation.

PMR proudly bags The PAIMA's Highest Tonnage Award sixth Time

For a sustainable MSME that has not only survived but has also grown amazingly fighting all the challenges that the unconventional sector like Relocations posed, PM Relocations is filled with pride to share another laurel that has successfully been added to our gallery of achievements. The Pan American International Movers Association (PAIMA) is a cohesive private network of international movers. It was founded in 1985 by sixteen owners of major international movers. The responsibility and commitment of the association towards its members has always been to represent, grow, appreciate, as well as protect their businesses. Not only does this body appreciates their hard work, but also recognizes their unwavering efforts and dedication toward providing seamless mobility solutions all around the globe.

This month, by winning the exclusive PAIMA's Highest Tonnage Award for the year 2021-2022 from Asian Region, PM Relocations has proved its loyalty towards making quality-driven services accessible to its clientele. The award was presented at The International Association of Movers Conference 2022 which was hosted in Atlanta, U.S., from 2nd November 2022 to 6th November 2022. In this conference, PM Relocations represented itself and bagged an exhilarating recognition for the sixth time now. The consistent recognition from PAIMA is proof of how we are excelling and maintaining our quality-driven approach for decades of legacy. We extend our sincere gratitude towards PAIMA Association for recognizing our efforts and giving us a boost in bringing out more innovative ideas to life that enable our clientage to experience as stress-free moving experience as possible. Also, we are proud of our team of passionate PMRians who strive tirelessly into working for the betterment of the organization and bringing multi-fold results.

We believe that it is just getting the starting and there is, indeed, much more yet to achieve. We are highly grateful!


International moving services provider PM Relocations has won the coveted Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award at the Cartus Global Network Conference. The award recognizes the company's commitment to providing the highest standards of quality and customer service in the international moving services industry. We are honored to receive this award from Cartus, one of the world's leading providers of international moving services." It is a demonstration of our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our clients, no matter where in the world they may be moving.

Yet again PM Relocations has been honored with the Cartus Global Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award. The award recognizes PM Relocations' commitment to providing superior international moving services and exceptional customer service. It also acknowledges the company's dedication to continuous improvement and its ongoing efforts to exceed the expectations of its clients.

This prestigious award is given to companies that demonstrate a commitment to excellence in all areas of their international moving services. PM Relocations is one of only a handful of companies to receive this award, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.


PMR is proud to announce that it has won the SUPERIOR QUALITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the International Transportation Services Category at Graebel's 2022 Excellence Awards. The Graebel's Excellence Awards are given annually to only the top-performing packers and movers in the world. This is the Second time PMR has been recognized with this prestigious award. It is a testament to our team members' hard work and dedication, who go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

PMR is a full-service packer and mover with over 36 years of experience. We provide local, long-distance, and international moving services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a stress-free experience from start to finish.

This prestigious award recognizes PMR's commitment to providing superior quality packers and movers services. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that each and every move is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, and this award is proof of our dedication to excellence.

Thank you to our clients and partners who have helped us achieve this incredible milestone. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality packers and movers services possible in the years to come.

Commemorating Culture and Tradition by Celebrating Diwali with PMRians

Diwali, one of the most anticipated occasions of the year, allows our team to commemorate our traditional values by gathering as a family under one roof. Every year on Diwali, we gather in our warehouses and have a grand time. There is dancing, singing, laughing, and eating together which brings a vibrant sensation to the PMR House. This year was even more exciting for each of us because the celebration could finally take place after a two-year hiatus due to the Pandemic's unrest. Therefore, the PMRians did not back down from enjoying it to the fullest.

The Office Celebration took place with some exciting activities like The Mehendi Time, The Rangoli Competition, The Best Outfit Competition (that included a sizzling Ramp Walk), and the burning of Eco-Friendly Crackers. The evening at PMR House was filled with fun and excitement. Everyone came dressed in traditional ethnic outfits which made it quite difficult for the judges to select the Best Outfit. Also, the evening ended with a grooving DJ Night where the floor was open for anyone and everyone who felt like dancing to the rhythm.

The next day, all the PMRians gathered at the warehouses to commemorate the prosperous occasion. The day began with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi being worshipped for their eternal blessings to be bestowed upon the organization and each of its members. This was followed by Aarti, in which everyone sang together in praise of the divine force. After all the ceremonies had concluded, PMRians gathered for lunch.

The Award Recognition Ceremony followed as it does every year. During this ceremony, we recognized some of our employees as "Best Packer," "Best Driver," and "Best Supervisor" based on their overall performance. They were given certificates, which not only filled them with pride but also encouraged a competitive spirit in everyone. The day concluded with the traditional Gift Distribution Ceremony, in which all employees received delicious sweets and exciting gifts to make Diwali even more memorable. The day provided an exceptional opportunity for everyone to interact, comprehend, and communicate with one another.

Boss Day & Diwali Decoration at PMR

“A Good Leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

The evening of 15th October 2022 saw the PMR House coming alive with gratitude and raising harmony and love at the workplace. Celebrating the spirit of leadership and the love & devotion in the hearts of everyone towards their bosses, PMRians came forward to participate wholeheartedly in celebrating Boss Day. The day was filled with some great performances, singing, dancing, enacting, and dedicating words of love and kindness toward the bosses at PMR House. The fun and entertainment at PMR House have always stayed in the working culture of the organization and it was heightened even more when the employees shared what they felt about their managers. The sense of belonging to the workplace rose to a level that nobody could hold speaking the words of gratitude that they wanted to express for their respective managers.

All the teams came in front to recite, bring down the melody, groove to the rhythm, dedicate some heartfelt speeches, and even present gifts to their managers. The experiences and acts presented made the bosses feel touched and moved to tears. The evening was made more joyful when with the Diwali Decoration Competition that was held just after. All the individual teams put their best efforts to decorate paper lamps and Diyas in order to create excitement and make the Pre-Diwali Commemoration a successful gala time.

Addressing Importance of Mental Health at PMR

The 10th of October 2022, at PM Relocations, saw the PMRians participating and gathering in the speaker session delivered to spread the importance of “Mental Health Awareness”. The humble and enriching session was delivered by Dr. Swati Chawla at the PMR House, Gurgaon. Dr. Swati Chawla is a Wellness Expert with an M.A. in Counselling Psychology, M.A. in Sociology, C.Ht. P.L.T, Dip T & D, and a Business World 40 under 40. At PMR, the importance of addressing mental health concerns of the workforce has always stood integral to the working culture. Dr. Chawla’s session aimed to fulfil the same motive in a more fun and fulfilling manner.

The key takeaway of the talk was realizing the importance of a healthy mind and building our lifestyle around wellness. The importance of being empathetic around people who struggle with mental health concerns was addressed. The need to build support systems at the workplace for growth was also highlighted. Going ahead, PMR plans to organise more of such enriching sessions and ensure the employee well-being in the most optimum ways possible.

Ganesh Chaturthi at PMR House

At PMR, we believe in celebrating every occasion with great enthusiasm and revelling. The month of September started off with Gracious Ganpati Ji's unceasing love and blessings at PMR House. The Ganesh Sthapana took place on 31st August and radiated a lot of love and positive energy. Each morning till the Visarjan was marked with the melodious singing and harmonious Aarti Pujan. Together, everyone's excitement at the arrival of Ganpati Bappa helped to purify the energy around the office.

The House of PMR in Gurugram hosted an evening of entertainment and activities to commemorate the arrival of Ganpati Ji on September 3. The evening started out with a departmental game of dumb charades, which was followed by exciting dance and singing performances.

Following the tradition with complete heart and soul, the PMRians said goodbye to Ganpati Bappa on September 6. Bidding adieu, dancing and singing in the hopes of receiving knowledge and intelligence from the almighty, PMRians helped the occasion reach its fruition.

PMR collaborates with Indian NGO the Robin Hood Army (RHA) on #Mission75.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Indian independence, PMR collaborated with The Robin Hood Army (RHA) on their latest campaign, # Mission75. This passionate campaign started by Robin Hood Army was a national effort to feed the hungry as well as provide the truly marginalized section of the population with access to opportunities that have the potential to transform their lives.

The campaign spanned rural and urban areas in the country from July 31 to August 18, 2022. RHA's vision is to defeat global hunger and bring forth the best of humanity by using food as a medium. In total, The Robin Hood Army served nearly 73.3 million meals across India and changed the lives of 3,531 people.

PMR extended its support to NGOs in major metro cities like Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chennai as its logistics partner. By associating with the RHA, PMR supported the logistics movement of essential commodities like pulses, rice, wheat, biscuits, etc. This movement ensured that the Robin Hood Army could distribute food items to remote villages and urban areas.

Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of PMR, said, "We at PMR have always believed that we owe a lot to society as well as the environment. Therefore, we emphasized returning to society by serving the underprivileged and spreading happiness through our CSR activities. By joining hands with RHA to support the community, we realized that this is a rewarding relationship that helps us in working towards an environment wherein we can ensure food security for those in need and see this life-changing spirit. "

"Over the years, PMR has consistently helped with their systems to enable the RHA to serve across the country - we are so grateful for this tag-team." Neel Ghose, Founder of RHA

PMR has always been a part of many diverse CSR initiatives to support the cause of education, end hunger, create awareness of sports, and spread smiles to underprivileged children along with the people. PMR had previously collaborated with Robin Hood Army (RHA) on its # Mission30M across 5 Indian states to serve staple meals and essential commodities to over 30 million people affected by the pandemic by 2020.


The day of 12th August, 2022, saw the tricolored spirit and feeling of nationalism coming alive at PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd. The day commemorated the feeling of oneness and the love towards the country. India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August every year to celebrate the freedom it got back in 1947 on the same day.

This year, in 2022, PMRians celebrated this day by performing a series of events within the office premises. The initial event included a Quiz Competition where all the employees were asked a number of questions related to the nation. The person who gave the right answer was presented with a small token of love.

The event continued with the auspicious act of flag hoisting. The PMRians clustered altogether and participated in the hoisting of flag followed by singing of the national anthem, Jana Gana Mana, altogether in unison.

The hoisting of National Flag was later backed up by the Drawing Competition. The theme of the event was “Celebrating the 75th Independence Day- Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”. In this competition, all the PMRians came forward to draw and sketch their vision of India and how the Independence Day is of extreme importance. The best drawings from each of PMR’s branches were appreciated and cherished by everyone.


To reach the heights at which the organization stands today and to make sure that everything falls into place, the dedicated teams of PMRians has been through a lot of challenges. However, the best part is that nothing ever succumbed our way to achieving excellence because the focus and determination was inevitable within us. Our legacy and values always helped us in staying upright and putting the best efforts at everything that we do.

In order to honor these tireless efforts and consistent hard work of our team, this round of appraisals brought a lot of contentment and gave recognition to our team members. In our work culture, it is highly believed that leaders create leaders and with the same thought process, we wish each of the promoted employee heartiest congratulations. We wish they become the torchbearer for their team, bring more fruits and add up to the company’s laurels.

The last Financial Year has significantly been labor-some and challenging. But that happiest part is that we never felt discouraged and kept going with the support of our customers, clients and our fellow team members. We also share our gratitude to each and every employee at work and appreciate the loyalty and dedication they have for the company.


The last Financial Year has significantly been labor-some and challenging. But that happiest part is that we never felt discouraged and kept going with the support of our customers, clients and our fellow team members. We also share our gratitude to each and every employee at work and appreciate the loyalty and dedication they have for the company.

The last Financial Year has significantly been labor-some and challenging. But that happiest part is that we never felt discouraged and kept going with the support of our customers, clients and our fellow team members. We also share our gratitude to each and every employee at work and appreciate the loyalty and dedication they have for the company.

The last Financial Year has significantly been labor-some and challenging. But that happiest part is that we never felt discouraged and kept going with the support of our customers, clients and our fellow team members. We also share our gratitude to each and every employee at work and appreciate the loyalty and dedication they have for the company.


Standing as one of the dearest branches of our CEO, with whose establishment she began her own journey, PMR Bangalore made its mark to completing 20 successful years. It has, ever since its inception, brought forth more growth and opportunities to make the company reach newer heights. Situated in one of the most vast metropolis of India, PMRians of Bangalore Team have also strived to make sure that every move is carried out with extreme ease & comfort.

In this month of May, Bangalore branch completed its journey of 20 years and the vent was celebrated with a happy, enthusiastic gathering. All the team members working in the Bangalore Branch came together and participated in the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

Our CEO, Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava, our Finance Director, Mrs. Archna Bhargava and our Managing Director, Mr. Rajeev Bhargava also made sure of their auspicious presence in this event. Their presence motivated and helped PMRians celebrate more ardently.


Sometimes, as a torchbearer, or an inspiration, as a guide or a motivator, Fathers have always performed their duty in the most lovable and nurturing manner in the lives of their children. Fatherhood is the name of the undefeated zeal and ever-supportive yet least-expressed love. They never bend down before the challenges, they only rise higher and save their family’s burden for themselves.

On 18th June, 2022, all the fathers working at PMR came together to participate in the Cake Cutting Ceremony. Filled with pride and jubilance, the event brought a homely vibe to the workplace. All the PMRians sat together, shared and had a gala time celebrating the International Father’s Day.

The image of a father has always stood evident in our organization and we salute all the brave hearts who work to make the lives of the loved ones better. In order to commemorate the pride and honor that is attached to father-hood, PMR came forward and celebrated this day with utmost happiness & togetherness.

Another way in which PM Relocations celebrated this day was through a Virtual Giveaway. This activity took place on the social media platform of the company. The contest included some of the steps that had to be followed, beginning from sharing one’s special memory with their father. The prize was, then, awarded to someone who performed the steps proficiently and whose story struck us the most.


Bringing about an innovative and creative approach every time at the workplace has always been an important goal for us. We, at PMR, practice celebrating every occasion with extreme happiness, harmony, and togetherness. To meet the cause of the occasion, this World Environment Day, all the PMRians came together to bring out from within them the creative side which was somewhere hidden. In the Painting Competition organized in all the branches of PAN India, every employee engaged and brought forth the enthusiastic creator that rested within them.

The theme of the Painting Competition was “Only One Earth” and all the employees had to draw or paint something that revolved around this topic. With diverse ideas and newness of concepts, everyone portrayed their perception and idea around the theme in their own ways. While some paintings were indicative of the need of saving the only planet we have, others brought a sentimental tinge to how green and clean Earth seemed to be.

Not only did the Company and its members participate in some engaging and celebratory activities, but also by making use of reusable papers while executing the event, PMR engaged in conducting everything in a green and environment-friendly manner. This helped us in making sure that we do not make use of new papers but bring out newer masterpieces with the already used material.

Another Earth-nurturing practice that is diurnally observed at all the branches of PMR is that no paper is ever thrown away within the office premises. These documents, which prove unimportant after a period of time, are shredded. These shreds are sent to our warehouses in bulk to make for cushioning during the packing of fragile items. Also, all the paper and packing material at our organization is reused and recycled to make our customers’ and clients’ moves environment-friendly.

To escalate and cheer for the efforts of our employees, the best 11 entries were awarded a token of appreciation within the organization’s premises. The complete event did not only help us in celebrating the love for Mother Earth but also helped in engaging employees and spreading awareness.


An organization that has always bowed down before the selfless and unconditional love of the Mother, PM Relocations celebrated Mother’s Day with complete pride and happiness. The event took place on 8th May 2022 within the office premises in all the branches of the organization PAN India. PMR has always believed in and valued the role of the woman as a mother, the nurturer of all creatures in the world. A mother is an endless, free-flowing source of love and support. She is an individual capable of providing selfless love, and care, filled with passion and extreme willpower.

To celebrate this spirit of undefeated strength and motherhood, PMR ignited a small bustle throughout the office to honor the mothers working at PMR. We encouraged employees at work to share with us some pictures of their precious moments with their mothers. Also, being a female employees, many women at the workstation shared their unforgettable snaps with their children. This not only helped in fostering some sentimental vibes among the workforce but also helped us feel proud and salute the ever-giving and ever-nurturing aura of power.

Towards the end of the day, all the PMRians came together and participated in the Cake Cutting Ceremony on the event of Mother’s Day. Everyone enjoyed celebrating this heart-warming occasion together to enlighten within them the love and humility for their mothers.


“We’re still standing!”

The Global Pandemic and inconstant Economic conditions, which prevailed in the whole world, have been one of the biggest challenges for various industries and sectors. However, the Relocation Industry had also been affected to a great extent due to the testing times that the pandemic posed. Despite all the factors, the industry not only bore sustainability but also grew further by bringing multifold results. To celebrate the same feeling of unity, the FIDI Conference this year came up with the idea of strength and endurance by claiming that “We’re still standing!”

To celebrate in the same spirit, PMR also participated in the FIDI Conference 2022, held from April 10th to April 13th. Proudly achieving the 100 CR feat and growing beyond all constraints, PMR has proved itself to be one of the most reliable and sustained Relocation companies.

The conference this year was held in Cannes, France. To represent PM Relocations as an India-based leading Global Mobility Company on an international level has been a great delight. “15 yrs. back, my very first conference was the FIDI conference in Budapest, Hungary. From knowing just my dad in a room of 600 people to making my own little place, I have come a long way. Every day, every time I have had the opportunity to absorb and learn so much from the industry colleagues and veterans.” says Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO.

Being a member of FIDI since 2004, PM Relocations has always aimed towards bringing the best to its clients and customers globally. We have maintained and ensured total customer satisfaction by providing best in class and tailor-made services to our clientele. Our purpose and motive lie in providing a seamless and hassle-free moving experience to our customers worldwide.


We, at PM Relocations, have always believed in celebrating every moment with utmost happiness and considering every occasion to be a way of sharing gratitude. Just like every year, All India Meet 2022 gave us an opportunity to be together under the same roof and celebrate the unity within PMR. Held at our Head Office Branch- Gurugram, this All India Meet had been a little different. All the PMRians gathered and celebrated so joyously after two years of gap. While our last AIM had taken place in 2020 and 2021 had restricted us due to Covid; this year, our Annual Cultural Fest came with a blast.

PMR’s different branches PAN India used to work on individual levels. However, in order to meet the goal for this year, all the branches came together and worked as a single force. Their unity, eventually, achieved what seemed impossible, teaching us how true the proverb “Unity is Strength” stands. Even after all the struggles that the pandemic posed, we strived tirelessly and reached our milestone of excelling 100 Cr.

The Cultural Event lasted for four days, from 9th March to 12th March. Individual team discussions were held to review and improvise the policies of the Organization, new ground-breaking ideas were introduced to resolve problems, ensure smooth operating and new targets and benchmarks were set for the coming year.

A Training Session was conducted by Ms. Swati Saxena, a Senior Management Professional with 15+ years of experience into Training & Development Sector. This Training Session focused on discussing the mantras for Customer Support, such as understanding the Point of View of the Customer, being clear at what one has to convey to the customer, understanding the rules & policies of the organization and reaching out to the people.

The final day of AIM 2022, held at Hyatt Place, Gurugram, began with the presentation by the CEO, Aakanksha Bhargava, who talked about PMR’s journey of becoming a 100 Cr. company and discussed about the goals for the year ahead. The whole presentation was concluded with a motivating anthem “Ye Mat Kaho Khuda Se, Meri Mushkilein Badi Hain; Ye Mushkilon Se Keh Do, Mera Khuda Bada Hai”. With tear-filled eyes and zealous hearts, PMRians finally began with their individual and group performances for the day. The cultural event was set on stage with energetic dance performances, serene music and humorous plays.

This year has been extremely significant and worthy to be praised. But for the constant hard-work of the employees, 100 Cr. wouldn’t have been reached. Hence, to encourage and motivate employees for their efforts, PMR presented tokens of appreciation to such combatants in the Annual Awards Ceremony by recognizing them as Rising Stars of PMR, Outstanding Contributors, Maverick of PMR and Winners of Tenure Awards.

With the winding up of this memorable and joyous get-together, PMR has been able to witness both achievements of the past being celebrated and new goals being set for the future. Therefore, we strive to hit new milestones along this journey and celebrate accomplishments by carrying forward our legacy, leadership principles and core values.

International Women’s Day Celebration At PMR

On 8th March, PM Relocations celebrated International Women's Day to appreciate the overall contributions of the powerful women in society and across the globe. This wonderful occasion joyously applauds PMRIANs for the transformation they have brought within the workplace by uplifting the status of their kind.

Women have the aptitude and ability to accomplish all sorts of jobs efficiently. They are valued as the pillars of strength, encouragers, counselors, and much more in our life.

On International Women's Day, we recognize the achievements of womankind in the PMR and across the globe, celebrate the progress we've made, and recommit ourselves to the work that remains to deliver the full measure of equity, dignity, and opportunity due to all women.

Being the essence of real love, Roses were presented to the women at the workplace. Along with this, the occasion was made even sweeter with the chocolates and decorated the entire office with balloons and colored themes for employees' pink and blue dress codes. A Cake Cutting Ceremony was performed in which everyone participated to celebrate womanhood cheerfully. We are proud to tell you that 1/3rd of the entire workforce at PMR is female, and we take pride in celebrating this and making them feel special.