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Modern slavery is an unquestionable and indefensible violation of an individual’s basic human rights.
The PM Relocations Private Limited (aka ‘PMR’) recognises that as a commercial organisation it has a moral and social responsibility to take a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in all forms.

PMR is committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business activities and to ensure, as far we are able, that that no forms of modern slavery or human trafficking occurs anywhere within our business operations or within our supply chain.

Our Organisation
We are an Indian based relocation company proving packing and moving services around the world and across street. We provide household packing and moving services, car transportation, office shifting, fine arts movement, home search, pet movement, warehousing services, relocation assistance, visa and immigration assistance services by making relocation needs earlier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.

Our success lies to the trust that customers place in us for their relocation service requirement. So, for us, acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right way to do business. We have a Code of Conduct for our employees that reflects these core values and serves as an important guide for our choices and actions.

PMR’s Policies and Systems on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Code of Conduct
We have a Code of Conduct for our employees, which sets out our commitment to ensuring that we all act and are treated ethically, fairly and with respect and dignity. We recognise that our employees’ continuing success as individuals, colleagues and a company depends on all of us treating each other with respect and upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

All of our employees are required to comply to the Code of Conduct at all the times.

In addition, we have Whistle-blower policies and procedures in place to encourage employees to speak up or raise concerns when they see conduct which could be viewed as dishonest, unethical or unlawful, and we have policies prohibiting retaliation for raising such concerns.

We do not use, and we expect our suppliers not to use, any forms of modern slavery. Modern slavery is defined as all situations in which a person is forcibly or subtly controlled through coercion, mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse by an individual or a group of individuals for the purpose of exploitation. This includes circumstances such as slavery, servitude, trafficking in persons, indentured labour, forced or compulsory labour.

Employment Policies
PMR maintains employment and personnel policies that comply with the relevant applicable labour laws and promote our culture of decency and respect. These policies dictate that we provide equal opportunities in employment and that employees are treated fairly regardless of non-vocational distinctions such as age, gender (including identity or expression), marital status, civil partnership status, sexual orientation, disability, colour, nationality, race or ethnic origin or religion or belief. The HR Department maintain and enforce these policies, supporting our efforts to combat modern slavery across our operations.

Supplier Code of Conduct
PMR sources products and services from suppliers globally and expects that our suppliers do not use any form of modern slavery. It is important to note that PMR does not manufacture goods or handle raw materials or commodities. As a relocation service company, our suppliers primarily provide products and services relating to relocation services, packing supplies, marketing and technology, corporate services, and consumer benefits. In an effort to mitigate the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain, our suppliers are contractually bound by standards of ethical conduct when dealing with workers, their suppliers, customers and other third parties, as articulated in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is embedded into our supplier agreements.

The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles, guidelines and expectations for establishing and maintaining a business relationship with us. We are committed to partnerships with suppliers that share our dedication to conducting business in a legal, ethical and socially responsible manner.

In addition, our suppliers can raise concerns and report anonymously any ethically questionable behaviour.

For more information on our Supplier Code of Conduct, please visit our procurement website:

Human Rights / Labour and Employment Laws
Suppliers must be committed to, and have respect for, the protection and preservation of human rights. While it is the responsibility of each supplier to define its own policy and approach to the issue of human rights, suppliers’ values and business principles must be consistent with that of PMR and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Suppliers are expected to comply with applicable international and local legal requirements in their countries of operation.

Forced Labour
Suppliers must not use forced labour, whether in the form of prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or otherwise.

Child Labour
Suppliers must not use child labour. Suppliers are required to comply with applicable child labour laws and employ only workers who meet the applicable minimum legal age requirement in their countries of operation.

We are proud of our stance as an ethical company which believes in doing well by doing good for society. We endorse the principles of the Act and have a number of policies in place which include provisions designed to eradicate modern slavery from our business and supply chains.

This statement constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st March 2021 and has been approved by the board of directors of the PMR Group and will be reviewed along with other policies at regular board meetings. This statement is made pursuant to all applicable labour laws in India and section 54(1) of the modern slavery act 2015.

Aakanksha Bhargava

To Download policy statement click here:>> PMR Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Updated 26 Oct 2021

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