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The Move

How do I prepare my home and myself for move day?
You mover may ask you to select from one to several consecutive days during which your goods will be loaded. The amount of days in what is referred to as a load spread depends upon the size of your shipment and the time of the year when your shipment is loaded. Remember to try to remain flexible during the busy season by allowing for extra days on your load spread to have a better chance of securing a truck and driver to load your shipment.

Make sure your home is ready for the crew. Move anything off the porch and walkways that may obstruct movement of your goods out of the home. Take doors of the hinges if you know certain items will not fit through. Remove all small throw rugs from traffic areas that could cause the crew to trip or slip. Have water, Gatorade or pop on hand for the crew, especially on a hot summer day. They will come prepared but will be grateful for your thoughtfulness.
How will I know where my shipment is once it leaves my home?
Good movers will be able to provide details and status. Please be certain to ask your estimator if their company has these capabilities.
How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?
You will be contacted few hours prior to delivery. The moving company may assign a customer service representative as your primary contact and they should be able to provide you with an update as to the date your goods will arrive. Be certain to provide the mover with all your contact information. The phone number at the new home is only good if there is a person there to take the call. If you can be reached at work, a hotel, or temporary residence or by email let the mover know.
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