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Latest Updates


India, renowned for its diversity in cultures, religions, and languages, celebrates the 75th Republic Day with heightened pride in its rich heritage. The 26th of January marks the historic day when India's constitution came into effect, solidifying its status as a sovereign republic.
At PM Relocations, the 74th Republic Day was a sight to behold as every employee enthusiastically joined in the celebration. Vibrant events filled the office, with tri-colour Indian flags and patriotic symbols adorning every bay, fostering a contagious atmosphere of national fervour. Employees showcased their talents through spirited dances and melodious tunes, invoking a deep sense of national pride.
Under the leadership of CEO Aakanksha Bhargava, the flag was ceremoniously hosted, and all present paid homage to the national emblem with utmost respect. The celebration was further sweetened with special tri-colour treats, symbolizing love and appreciation.
Beyond mere patriotism, PM Relocations' Republic Day celebration was a poignant reminder of the company's core values of diversity, unity, and harmony. It exemplified a deep-seated commitment to its employees, leaving an indelible mark on all who participated.


International Mobility Alliance conference of 2024

PMR participated in the prestigious International Mobility Alliance conference in Hanoi, connecting with global professionals to exchange insights on relocations and mobility trends.

Happy International Women's Day from PMR to all the phenomenal women worldwide!

On International Women's Day, PMR honored the incredible women shaping employees' lives and vowed to cultivate an ecosystem of equal opportunities for all women.

Throwback to the biggest extravaganza of PMR. AIM is back. #AIM2024

AIM 2024 returns as PMR's biggest extravaganza, celebrating growth, talent, and unity through a week of meetings, trainings, awards, and electrifying performances.

Key Highlights
Key Highlights