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Moving To Hyderabad? Here's How To Make Your Relocation Stress-Free!

When you relocate to Hyderabad, you have the distinct benefit of migrating to two different cities simultaneously. On the one hand, you'll be confronted with the historic town's shimmering, old-world elegance and culture. At the same time, you'll be able to enjoy the delights of Cyberabad, the cutting-edge IT metropolis. Whichever city you prefer – most people like a combination of the two – it's important to remember the measures you must take to make your transfer to this incredible city genuinely unforgettable.

So, let us begin with the fundamentals and history of Hyderabad. It's recognized as one of India's IT metropolises. If you are considering relocating to Hyderabad, you have made an excellent option. But before you travel there and settle down, you should know a few things about the city.

Top Famous Places In Hyderabad:

The top famous tourist places in Hyderabad are Charminar, Birla Mandir, Chilkur Balaji Temple, Golconda Fort, Shilparamam, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad Botanical Garden, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini Park, Salar Jung Museum, Ramoji Film City, Purani Haveli, Sudha Car Museum, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Mecca Masjid, Nizams Museum and many more.

Culture In Hyderabad: 

The city of pearl dealers has evolved into a tech-savvy town with a young, cosmopolitan population while retaining much of the old-world atmosphere. Hyderabad is a multicultural city with people of all faiths. As the city's citizens are known, Hyderabadis have formed a distinct culture that blends the old Hindu traditions of the Telugu people and Islamic culture.

Weather In Hyderabad:

Like many other Indian cities, Hyderabad has a tropical climate and is generally warm throughout the year, except for the lovely winter. April, May, and June are extremely hot, with temperatures exceeding 30°C and reaching as high as 45°C, making travel uncomfortable and difficult. The monsoon season begins in June and lasts through September, with medium to heavy rainfall and strong winds. Then, from November to February, temperatures range from 32°C to 14°C.

The Cost Of Living Is Low: 

In Hyderabad, you may get incredibly inexpensive housing and transportation. Even for amusement, most cinemas are half the price of those in Bangalore or Mumbai. IMAX tickets are only about $150. (By the way, it is India's giant screen.


Excellent meal for both vegans and non-vegetarians. You can get high-quality South Indian food at Chutneys, Minerva Coffee House, Utsav, and other locations, or superb Rajasthani food at Jharoka, De thaali, and other places. During Ramzan, Hyderabadi Biriyani and Haleem are world-famous.

Communal Harmony 

Despite its troubled history, Hyderabad is one of the most peaceful places I've seen. The city has few conflicts, and almost every holiday is celebrated with the same zeal.

Historical Sites: 

Perhaps the only large city having a history after Delhi and Kolkata. There are several palaces, forts, and museums to explore. After the famous Charminar, the Salarjung Museum, Falaknuma Palace, and Golkonda Fort are must-sees.


There are several schools, pre-degree colleges, medical colleges, and over 200 engineering colleges in Hyderabad. Arts and literature do take a back place in this metropolis. So, whether you want your child to be an engineer or a doctor, Hyderabad is a great spot to raise a family.

Dining Out In Hyderabad:

Dining out is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Hyderabad. Hyderabadi cuisine is influenced by Mughal, French, Turkish, and Iranian cuisines combined with spices, wheat, rice, and meat. If you enjoy unusual spicy dishes, it may be difficult not to gain a few pounds during your first few months in Hyderabad.

Top 22 Things to Do In Hyderabad 

  1. See the opulence of the Chowmahalla Palace
  2. Take a heritage tour of GOLCONDA FORT
  3. See how memories are preserved at QUTUB SHAHI TOMBS
  4. Go to CHARMINAR and admire the concept of making people's lives better
  5. At MECCA MASJID, feel the sacred mosque radiate the goodness
  6. Be amazed by the Nizam's mesmerizing gifts at HAVELI, PURANI
  7. At CHOWMAHALLA PALACE, immerse yourself in the regal lifestyle
  8. Explore the fascinating world of antiquities at SALAR JUNG MUSEUM
  9. Spend quality time together at HUSSAIN SAGAR LAKE
  10. Photographic opportunities at the BUDDHA STATUE
  11. View the city from the hilltop of BIRLA MANDIR
  12. Take a walk along the TANK BUND
  13. Visit RAMOJI FILM CITY in the dream world to see the make-believe
  14. SHILPARAMAM is a settlement in the city's outskirts
  15. LAAD BAZAAR & PATHARGATTI are great places to shop until you drop
  16. Ride the Lion and Tiger Safari at the ZOO PARK
  17. Reimaging cars at the SUDHA CAR MUSEUM
  18. Walk around the KBR NATIONAL PARK
  19. Sip IRANI CHAI at Nimrah Café and Bakery, Charminar
  20. Try HYDERABADI BIRYANI at Paradise Food Court
  21. Try CHINESE FOOD at Nanking Restaurant
  22. Try Andhra dishes at Rayalase

Pros Of Living In Hyderabad: 

  • Advantage of Cyberabad and HITEC city
  • Less pollution and a good climate
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Welcoming and warm culture
  • Safety and Security
  • Food lover's paradise
  • Transportation facilities

Tips For Living In Hyderabad:

Local Transit

The internal transportation system in Hyderabad is outstanding, and the transportation alternatives are reasonably priced. However, traffic is highly bursting, and getting to the city during peak hours requires much patience. Attempting to drive on your own during business hours is dangerous. As a result, taking cabs is recommended. First, bargain - If you don't need to go vast distances, use the Auto Rickshaws or Cabs accessible around Hyderabad. Inform the driver of your location, negotiate your price in advance, or request to check their rate card first—people who do not frequently trick or are forced to pay exorbitant transportation fees.

 See a doctor if you haven't already

Malaria, yellow fever, and hepatitis are all possible. We recommend that you obtain health insurance from a private health insurance company. Almost all reputable health insurance firms have affiliations with reputed hospitals. Make an appointment with a doctor in your area.

 Coping with cultural differences

Day-to-day living in the East is different; minor things and things that don't operate as well as they did back home can irritate you. Find a decent network of individuals you can talk to regularly, and you will find practical ideas to get you back on your feet.

 Know where to shop

Bazaars are often where you can do a little bartering for the best price, but other areas can save you money, so ask where the local shop is. Learn how much residents pay for daily necessities such as food, clothing, and furnishings. Prices may change between locals and expats. Know how much things cost and request 'Local Pricing' for items.

Basic Facts About Hyderabad

Nicks Name's: City Of Pearls

State: Telangana

Established: 1591

Demonym's: Hyderabadi


Language: Hindi, English & Tamil

Pin Code's: 500xxx, 501xxx, 502xxx

Founded By: Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah

Key Highlights
Key Highlights