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Moving To Delhi? Here's How To Make Your Relocation Stress-Free!

Relocating to a new city may be stressful, but we have something that can make the transition a little simpler! For most of us, moving to a new city is an exciting change—recent locations, new houses, new jobs, new people, and new surroundings. If you are not prepared, it might be challenging.

Delhi is a fast-paced city with the best of everything—delicious street cuisine, shopping avenues, lively nightlife, rich culture, and stunning infrastructure. It's a fantastic location to live.

As the capital of India, it has a vast amount to offer any expat living there. It's a relatively safe city and already houses a large expat community, so settling in won't take long. There are plenty of career opportunities and an excellent infrastructure, which makes it easier to enjoy the social and cultural delights Delhi offers. Childcare is also very inexpensive if you have a younger family to care for. The main drawback is that pollution levels are high, as with any bustling city.


Delhi's climate is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical with significant differences in summer and winter temperatures and precipitation. Summers are lengthy and hot, lasting from early April to mid-October, with the monsoon season in between. Winter begins in November and lasts through January. Although winters are generally moderate, temperatures can drop to as low as 2–3 degrees Celsius in January. During the winter, Delhi is infamous for its dense fog.

  1. Summer: 45°C maximum, 27°C minimum
  2. Winter: 25.5°C maximum, 4°C minimum
  3. Monsoon - maximum temperature of 35°C, minimum the temperature of 25°C

Home Search In Delhi

The primary thing to consider while looking for a home is the neighborhood and the distance between your home and your office. If you are relocating with your family, you may need to consider various other aspects, such as closeness to a decent school, your workplace, your significant other's workplace, and so on. Determine your particular requirements before beginning your search for a home. You may quickly start your home search process online. You can also consult with PM Relocations for better housing facilities according to your choice.

Prepare For The Relocation

Delhi is noted for its adverse weather, with a frigid winter and a scorching summer. Check out what the weather will be like when you get to Delhi a few weeks before you leave and pack appropriately. When packing your belongings, be sure that all boxes are correctly labeled. Make an effort not to bring everything you possess. Make a list of the stuff you will require and pack only those. Read reviews about various packers and movers to discover the most dependable service.

Experiencing Delhi

Now that you've all settled in, go out and explore the lovely city. Taste the fantastic street cuisine, go shopping on Delhi's famed shopping streets, enjoy the excellent nightlife, and don't forget to interact. Explore your surroundings, introduce yourself to your neighbors, and meet new acquaintances. Keep an eye out for intriguing events in the city and take in everything that Delhi offers. Remember, the aim is to establish a new, pleasant home and prosper, not merely relocate.


You will need a visa to enter and remain in India, and the type of visa you obtain must be appropriate for your activities here. There is no such thing as a 'Visa on Arrival,' and there is no pay for immigration services at airports in India. If you are going to India for an extended period (more than six months), you must register with the FRRO office within 14 days of your arrival. If registration is not completed within 14 days of arrival, it may impose a penalty.

Benefits & Social Security In Japan Advantage Of Moving To Delhi

  1. It is the fastest-expanding city in terms of industry and retail growth.
  2. If you enjoy food and want to binge now and then, you should visit Delhi. It serves some of the most sumptuous cuisines, each with a unique flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling. From "Parathe vali Gali" to "Hauz Khas," it has it all.
  3. The education sector in Delhi is also above average. It is home to top institutions and colleges globally, including the University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IIT, NIFT, and others.
  4. There is never a dull moment in Delhi. There are several historical landmarks to see, including the International Toilet Museum, the Qutub Minar, and the Red Fort.
  5. If you enjoy shopping, Delhi is the place to be. It features fantastic marketplaces for clothing and other items at meager prices.
  6. Delhi has excellent transportation links. If you need to get from one location to another, you can take the metro. It spares you from Delhi traffic and is less expensive than other modes of transportation.
  7. Delhi is India's political capital. It has open government and administrative rules, and the people of Delhi are kind and hospitable. They are always willing to assist. You will never have an issue if you are new to the city.
  8. There are some outstanding packers and movers accessible to relocate your logistics that will go above and beyond to assist you in becoming comfy in your new residence. You will almost certainly get a nice job in Delhi if you have excellent talents.

For Moving To Delhi, Connect With PMR!

Delhi is an incredible city with a rich history and a buzzing vitality that has something for everyone. Everything about the food, culture, history, and everything else is intriguing. Most significantly, the services provided by packers and movers in Delhi effectively aid you in making your relocation a seamless movement. If you keep these tips in mind, you can be confident that you will relocate without incident. You will fall in love with this lovely area since it offers a distinct viewpoint on life and work, architecture, and human variety.

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Basic Facts About Delhi

Country: India

Districts: 11

Time Zone: UTC+5.30(IST)

Area Code's: +91/ 11

Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)


Official Language: Hindi & English

Additional Languages: Punjabi & Urdu

Key Highlights
Key Highlights