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Moving Risk and
Protection of Goods

All We Do is Safety-Oriented Around

Your and our team's safety is at the center of all we do. We have the highest risk reduction and risk management standards in all aspects of our organization. We are one of the most compliant and well-serviced fleets on the East Coast, with GPS tracking, adequate insurance, and certification with both national and state agencies to ensure the safety of your goods and the general public.

PMR Approach to Your Safety

Trucks are Inspected & Sanitized Daily:
Every day, our well-maintained vehicle fleet is inspected and cleaned to industrial standards, ensuring that they are always prepped and ready for a safe journey. Our cars are outfitted with cutting-edge capabilities, such as real-time GPS monitoring, allowing us to keep track of your merchandise at all times.

Control & Dispatch Center:
It's a hive of activity, and our world-class dispatch and control center is where we ensure that every part of your Piece of Cake relocation goes as planned. We track our teams in real time and make sure that clients contact them as needed.

Program for Mover Training:
We ensure that our movers are industry experts and up-to-date on best practices through our unique Training Program. Our movers give you frequent updates and always prepare the safest moving techniques to provide high-quality service for your relocation.

Customer Relocation Planning:
PM Relocations experts will thoroughly discuss all the needs to ensure a safe experience with tailor-made arrangements for your relocation. That includes COI information, access to pick-up and drop-off locations, delicate objects, and other concerns for a smooth relocation.

Facility for Safe Storage:
For your peace of mind, our storage facilities are outfitted with high-level monitoring and security, as well as 24-hour video surveillance.

National &State Certifications:
PM Relocations is completely licensed for our moving and storage services with the International Organization for Standardization and moving industry credentials.

Packing & Preserving Your Items Safely:
When packing specialists design a specific strategy to consolidate and safeguard your items for a move carefully, each item is given individual attention. They clarify their methodology, including what materials will be utilized and how they will pack your house or workplace, with a safe arrival at your location in mind.

Procedures for Packing:
Our movers are trained to follow our specialized packaging techniques, ensuring that every item is handled correctly. Each of your belongings is dealt with individually, from major appliances like TVs that require their own box to glassware that needs special care and lounge furniture wrapped in plastic to keep it dry and clean.

Packing Materials of Superior Quality:
The company does not scrimp on packing materials; instead, it employs high-quality products such as packing paper, coverings, blankets, and double-walled boxes where necessary.

Secure Packing Essential Regardless of the Distance:
We double-wrap your belongings and give additional protection as needed based on the distance you are traveling. It is about ensuring that things remain in pristine condition regardless of the distance, such as plastic and shrink-wrapping furniture to protect it from dust in transportation.

Custom Wood Crating & Valuable Item Packing:
We have extensive expertise in safely transporting costly objects such as paintings and antiques. We may also create bespoke hardwood containers for any delicate or irregularly shaped things that require special care.

Items We Pack as a Service Pack:
Our standard moving packages always include free packing as part of your one flat rate price. They are difficult-to-pack objects that benefit from expert handling, such as intelligent TV displays, mirrors, and glass, lighting, and electronics. We'll arrive with the necessary boxes and materials to handle them for you on the day of the event.

Free Comprehensive Coverage:
We will always offer primary coverage, whatever the size and complexity of your move and storage package, so you are always insured. You can pick additional coverage, and we are known to go above and beyond if you have a tight deadline to ensure that the insurance process moves at your pace.


PM Relocations is one of India’s earliest startups and the country’s most reputable Packers and Movers Company . Most people globally, including businesses and individuals, rely on us to meet their changing demands. PM Relocations has raised the bar in the packing and moving industry. Our services to our valuable clients are carried out using modern procedures by professional, extremely skilled, skilled, trained, and experienced personnel.

PMR Packers & Movers Offers the Following Benefits:

No Trans-Shipment
We oppose the transfer of products from one vehicle to another. The container service enables us to safely receive a dust / waterproof consignment with zero percent trans-shipment while preventing sharpness and dust throughout the shifting / shipping operation.

Providing the Highest Level of Security
We have expert road crew consisting of highly trained and experienced workers, escorts, and truck drivers. Our crew is trained in safe operation and meets the driving standards. Having experts onboard means your items remain safe with us as they are in transit from one city to another, or even across the globe. We ensure that our educated and qualified personnel train and assist the workers, escorts, and truck drivers in their tasks to achieve professional efficiency.

Happy Acceptance of Part Load
Unlike Full Truckload (FTL) shipping, where a single shipment fills an entire truck, part load services efficiently utilize available space by combining smaller shipments, often leading to cost savings and increased flexibility for shippers. Also known as Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipping, PMR also offers Part Load Services across 1300 locations in India.

Immediate Resolution of Claims
We are dedicated to serving you with seamless, trouble-free services. However, in the event of any unfortunate and unforeseeable complications during the transfer process, we employ our skills to provide a speedy settlement of claims, restoring efficiency in our services for our clients.

Key Highlights
Key Highlights