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Moving Services


Additional Packing Services - Extra packing services such as crating, appliance servicing, and specialty packing may result in additional charges beyond standard packing.

Appliance Service - Preparing major appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc., for moving by securing parts and protecting key components. Charges may apply.

Bill of Lading - The legal document between the mover and customer that outlines the terms and liability for transporting household goods. Serves as a receipt and freight bill.

Binding Estimate - A guaranteed quote from the mover for services based on details provided by the customer ahead of the move. Price is fixed even if conditions change.

Box Lot - An additional charge based on the total number of standard moving boxes used for packing during a move.

Bulkhead - A wooden wall installed in moving trucks and trailers to separate household goods from commercial shipments loaded together.

Crating - A sturdy wooden box built around items like mirrors, large paintings, grandfather clocks, etc., to protect them during moving. Charges typically apply.

Custom Crate - A crate built specifically for a single item, often oversized, fragile, or valuable items. They are more expensive than standard crates.

Delivery Spreaders - Devices used by movers on stairways to slide heavy items like appliances, furniture, etc, between floors safely. Protects home and goods.

Dollies - Wheeled platforms used by movers to roll heavy objects like appliances, sofas, pianos, etc., to and from the truck. Ensure clear paths.

Driveway Protections - Planks, plywood, or other covers used by movers to protect driveways and walkways during heavy loading and unloading.

Expedited Service - Guaranteed delivery of a shipment by a set date, usually for an urgent move. Customers pay a premium rate for this assured, timely service.

Excess Valuation - Additional liability coverage beyond the standard Full Value Protection that movers include, which covers goods per pound. Provides higher coverage per pound if items are lost or damaged.

Export Packing/Crating - Special packing, marking, permitting, and documentation services for household items being moved internationally, as per the export laws.

Extension Ladders - Movers use special ladders to safely reach tall spaces like second floors and high stairwells to load and unload items without injury, ensuring good access.

Full Packing Service - The packers pack all items in a home into boxes, wrap furniture, etc., to prepare a whole household for moving.

Full-Service Moving - The company handles all packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking services for a move.

Garment Boxes - Specialized moving boxes used to protect hanging clothes, uniforms, coats, etc., during a move. Come with built-in bars.

Ground Floor Service - An extra service charge when movers have to carry items like furniture and appliances up or down flights of stairs because the origin or destination location lacks elevator access.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery - Premium long-distance moving service with guaranteed delivery dates. Movers provide monetary compensation for any delays.

Hand Trucks - Two-wheeled dollies used by movers to transport smaller items like boxes, lamps, chairs etc. to and from the truck over short distances.

Hourly Labor Rate - The cost per hour charged by movers for packing, loading, unloading, and other labor services based on the number of workers utilized. Rates vary by region and company.

Inventory List - A detailed list made by movers denoting every item to be moved and its condition. Used for liability purposes.

Joint Shipments - When individual customers agree to share a moving truck and split costs, overseen by the movers. Customers and goods are still separated.

Key Installation - A service offered by some movers to remove keys or tags from appliances and furnishings at the origin and reinstall them at the destination. Fees often apply.

Labor Hours - The number of hours required by packers and movers to complete packing, loading, and unloading services. A key variable in cost.

Liability - The moving company's legal responsibility for loss, damage or destruction of customers' goods during a move.

Mobile Storage - Secure container units loaded at origin residence and transported to the destination residence for unloading by the customer. Flexible and cost-effective.

Non-Binding Estimate - A rough estimate of moving charges based on typical shipments similar to the customer's move, but not a guaranteed price. Charges are subject to change.

Order for Service - The legal document authorizing packers/movers to transport a customer's household goods.

Packing Paper - Paper pads, fillers and sheets used to wrap and pad items to protect them during a move.

Packing Service - The preparation of a customer's household items for moving using boxes, paper, tape, fillers, etc.

Quality Assurance - Following industry standards and best practices for safe, damage-free transport of household goods. Ensures customer satisfaction.

Ramps - Used for safely loading and unloading heavy items between different ground levels and the truck bed. Ensure clear access.

Self-Service Moving - The customer handles all packing and loading/unloading. Movers provide the truck and drive items to the new home. Lower cost but more work.

Storage-in-Transit - Temporarily storing a customer's items pending further transportation to their new home. Extra charges apply.

Table of Measurements - Official moving industry list that assigns standard sizes to household items. Ensures accurate cubic feet measures for transport.

Tariff - Published list of rules, regulations, and prices per mile that a mover must follow when engaged in interstate transport of household goods.

Unpacking Service - Removing packed items from boxes and ensuring items are in good order after a move. Typically an additional service.

Valuation Coverage - Optional insurance for the customer's goods during moving, paralleling property insurance. Offered at various cash value levels.

Volume-Based Rate - A moving rate calculated by the amount of volume (cubic feet) being shipped rather than a flat rate or by weight.

Warehouse Storage - Longer-term storage of customers' goods in a warehouse as needed between moves, etc. Charges apply per month.

Wrapping Service - Wrapping furniture, mirrors, art, and other items with protective moving pads, plastic, and blankets to avoid damage.

X-Large Crate - An oversized wooden crate built for large, odd-shaped items such as a grandfather clock, hot tub, grand piano, etc.

Yard Storage - Short term storage of shipping containers in a mover's secure yard for customer convenience during a move.

Zoning Permits - Special permits required for moving trucks and containers placed in public areas during loading/unloading.

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