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Asset Moving

Asset Moving:

Your Business is Moving, Don't Leave Your Assets Behind

When your company is relocating to a new facility, one of the most critical parts of the move is transporting your business assets safely and efficiently. Moving computers, office equipment, furniture, and sensitive records requires strategic planning and execution. PMR has decades of experience providing specialized asset-moving services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

What Sets PMR's Asset Moving Apart

  • PMR handles your assets with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our asset management team works closely with you from start to finish to understand your specific needs and create a customized asset moving plan. Here are some of the key things that set our services apart:
  • Experienced Crews - Our asset moving crews are highly trained professionals who know how to disassemble, pack, transport, and reinstall your assets properly without damage or disruption. Their expertise gives you peace of mind.
  • Specialized Equipment - We utilize custom crates, blankets, lifts, ramps, and climate-controlled vehicles to transport computers, servers, copiers, lab equipment, artwork, and more safely. Our trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Security Focus - We understand the sensitive nature of your files, records, and IT assets. Our chain-of-custody procedures, ID badging, and secure transport techniques keep your assets protected.
  • Minimal Downtime - With efficient packing and coordinated loading/unloading, we minimize the time your operations are offline during the move.
  • Storage Capabilities - If you need warehouse storage space before, during, or after the relocation, PMR can accommodate your storage needs in our secure, short-term facility.

Expert Planning for Seamless Execution

  • Proper planning is what enables PMR to flawlessly execute your asset relocation. Our project managers will:
  • Walk through your facility to inventory your assets and understand relocation specifications.
  • Determine equipment, materials, trucks, and staffing needed for the move.
  • Develop a schedule for your approval to pack, transport, and install assets with minimal interruptions.
  • Assign specialized foremen to oversee each part of the asset relocation.
  • Provide regular updates and photos/videos throughout the project.
Don't leave your critical business assets and sensitive data vulnerable during your corporate relocation. Let PMR's trusted asset-moving teams provide end-to-end service tailored to your assets and work environment. Contact us today for a custom quote on your upcoming project.

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Key Highlights
Key Highlights