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Inter City

Inter City:

Trust PMR for Your Smooth Inter City Relocation

Moving between cities comes with its own set of challenges. You need to coordinate travel, find new schools and healthcare, switch utility providers, and transport your life across city and state lines. PMR has the experience, equipment, and manpower to handle all the complexities of intercity moves.

What is an Intercity Move?

An intercity relocation refers to moving your belongings from one metropolitan area or city to another within the same country. Common reasons for intercity moves include:
  • Job relocation to a new office or plant
  • Moving closer to family in another state
  • Retirement relocations (e.g., moving to Florida)
  • Students going to out-of-state colleges
  • Relocating for financial reasons or a better quality of life
Intercity moves require more logistics than local moves, from traveling long distances to updating documents. You need a moving company equipped for the challenges.

How PMR Helps with Intercity Moves

No matter what prompts your intercity relocation, PMR has the training, equipment, and nationwide presence to handle everything, including:
  • Long-distance transportation – Our fleet of climate-controlled trucks and experienced drivers ensures your belongings safely arrive at your new out-of-state home.
  • Full packing/unpacking – Let us handle the entire packing process, including unpacking and setup at your new home. We’ll bring all the boxes, wraps, and tools.
  • Storage – We provide short-term and long-term storage options in case you need flexible transition time.
  • Insurance – Your items are covered for damage/loss up to your chosen valuation amount.
  • White glove service – Our movers will protect your floors, walls, and belongings using padded blankets, plastic wraps, and moving equipment.
  • Custom plans – We’ll create a personalized moving plan based on your specific intercity relocation needs.

Trust the Experts at PMR for Your Relocation

Moving between states involves coordination and planning. At PMR, intercity relocations are our specialty. Our experienced staff knows how to overcome the challenges of moving across state lines to help the transition go smoothly. Contact us at 8282827356 or reach out to us at today to learn more about our intercity moving services!

For more information about packing and moving services, corporate moving, storage, and Home Search services, please feel free to write to us at –

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