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Cultural Training

Cultural Training:

Relocating internationally comes with many challenges, one of the biggest being adjusting to a new culture. Navigating different cultural norms, etiquette, and customs in a foreign country can be difficult without the proper preparation. This is why PMR's Cultural Training services are invaluable for expat families.

What is Cultural Training?

Cultural Training provides customized guidance to help you successfully integrate into the local culture of your new country. Through coaching sessions, we give you the knowledge you need to avoid faux pas, follow proper etiquette, and understand the nuanced aspects of local culture before you even arrive.

How PMR Cultural Training Makes a Difference

  • PMR's Cultural Training is tailored specifically to your destination country and needs. Here's how we help ensure a smooth cultural transition:
  • In-depth coaching on local customs, norms, taboos, and etiquette on greetings, dress, manners, conduct, dining, conversation, etc.
  • Tips for respecting traditions and cultural differences to avoid unintended offenses.
  • Guidance on local language phrases for basic communication and interaction.
  • Overview of the local political environment, history, and sensitivities.
  • Recommendations on neighborhoods and housing considerations to integrate into the community.
  • Advice on the educational system and how to help children adapt.
  • Preparation for differences in holiday traditions, celebrations, and observances.
  • Information on healthcare system navigation, wellness practices, and attitudes toward health/medicine.
  • Guides to religious customs, places of worship, and considerations.
  • Assistance obtaining local identification, banking, and other essential services.
  • Heads up on norms and standards for engaging with local law enforcement.
  • Insights on unspoken social hierarchy, structures, and value systems.
  • Tips on where to experience arts, entertainment, recreation, and more as locals do.
With PMR guiding you every step of the way, you'll integrate seamlessly into your new cultural environment. You'll understand how locals live, work, and socialize. You'll feel comfortable navigating daily interactions and activities in your new home country. Our Cultural Training provides the confidence and knowledge you need to thrive abroad. Contact PMR to learn more about our specialized international relocation services.

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