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We at PM Relocations help you smoothly transition to your new home by offering specialized, personalized settling-in services. Our relocation consultant can guide you through the process. We cover various cities and are pleased to answer your queries and prepare a customized package.
Some of the services we cover are mentioned below, but they are customized to meet your requirements.

City Orientation

Knowing the new city you are moving to can be challenging, especially in a linguistically and culturally rich country like India. Simple problems, from language barriers to traffic issues, can arise as each city operates independently. PMR offers the following services:
  • A brief overview of the host city.
  • An information docket, including a city map, guide, city-specific information, places to visit, and important telephone numbers.
  • An accompanying guided tour of the city will help you get acquainted.
  • Introduction to local grocery shops and other essential outlets.
  • Introduction to recreation and leisure options, expat networks.
  • Familiarization with famous restaurants and hotels according to your budget.
  • Car rental services are available.
  • Visits to healthcare facilities.

Settling-In Services

Settling in a new city can be nerve-wracking, especially without friends or acquaintances. However, we at PMR aim to make your settling-in experience exciting and enjoyable. We want you to feel at home with the hospitality we offer. We provide the following services to help you settle down:
  • Community integration to ensure your family is familiar and comfortable with the new house and surroundings.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account.
  • Help with mobile, landline, cable TV, and internet connections.
  • Assistance with obtaining a driver's license.
  • We provide services for house help, drivers, cooks, babysitters, etc., depending on your budget and needs.
  • Healthcare recommendations.
  • Shopping and retailing trips to nearby stores familiarize you with essential shopping outlets for necessities and other shopping needs.
  • Assistance in procuring or renting household goods, furniture, appliances, food, personal effects, etc., to help set up your new home.
  • Introduction to various activity clubs for social interaction and starting a healthy social life.

School Search

Have kids and are facing a problem settling them down? PMR has the solution. Engage your kids in recreational activities like singing, dancing, painting, and skating. One of the most challenging tasks is deciding on a school for your kids in a new city. Factors like proximity to home, school reputation, faculty and teaching staff, admission procedures, and continuity of the previous curriculum all play a role. PMR offers the following services:
  • Find a suitable playpen or play school for your infants or little ones based on your preferred locality and budget.
  • Find a primary/secondary school for your child in your preferred area according to the curriculum.
  • Recommendations for the best schools in the city to avoid relying on dubious word-of-mouth opinions.
  • Assistance with the admission process and familiarization with the procedures.
  • We understand that moving to a new city can lead to making uninformed decisions due to a lack of knowledge about the town and schools. At PMR, we comprehend your child's needs, as making new friends and adjusting are crucial for a healthy life.
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