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Logistics Support:

As relocation experts for over 38 years, we specialize in relocating our clients seamlessly by taking care of all shifting hassles - big or small. However, we understand that beyond packing and moving households, the transition process entails addressing many coordination issues impacting employee or family resettlement in new cities or countries.
This is where our comprehensive logistics support services tailored for corporate and residential clients across India and overseas assist in ironing out relocation anxieties end-to-end.

Our Services

While we do NOT provide packing/unpacking services, our logistics support offerings focused on smooth transit cover:
  • Transportation Management: Coordinating optimal goods transfer modes - trucking containers for domestic clients while worldwide air/sea freight for international customers
  • Relocation Concierge: House/school search assistance in destination city alongside helping families settle down fast
  • Commute Facilitation: Helping with driving licenses/buying vehicles for quick inter-city navigation
  • Goods Insurance and Claims: Facilitating coverage of client possessions during transit alongside addressing uncertainties
  • Customized Logistics Solutions
  • We offer flexible logistics packages customized for the following requirements:
  • Individual Relocations: Assistance with visa paperwork, home search, vehicle rentals, kids' school admission, etc.
  • Corporate Shifting: Transport fleet contracting, employee commute coordination, goods insurance liaison, etc.
Open to tailoring additional services like setting up new office operations to address all aspects.

Service Areas

Our logistical support footprint extends worldwide, helping people migrate anywhere suitable for work or personal needs. We coordinate for international clients or facilitate overseas repatriation formalities as permitted.

Process Flow

Here are the key steps you engage us for logistics coordination support during relocations:
  • Understanding exact requirements: locales, family details, goods valuations etc.
  • Recommending optimal logistics services mix suiting needs
  • Providing documentary templates for processing (e.g. visa/insurance forms)
  • Securing third-party services tied to shifting like freight or insurance
  • Timely status updates across the end-to-end relocation journey!
We will be your SINGLE communication point addressing all coordination unease!

Transport Options

For domestic clients, we organize trusted trucking partners providing containers to ensure the goods' safety. Where needed, refrigeration vehicles for special items can be arranged.
For overseas customers, optimal ocean freight or air shipments are aligned with client timelines, budgets, and cargo characteristics for smooth customs clearances on both sides. Real-time transit visibility is available throughout.

Tracking and Communication

Our technology tracks consignment status end-to-end with proactive SMS/email updates on expected arrival dates, ensuring glitch-free deliveries. Routine check-ins by case managers ensure queries never arise. Any escalations are also efficiently handled.

Insurance Offerings

We tie up with reliable goods insurance providers offering tailored coverage for household or commercial items. Our documentation support ensures optimal claims settlements for any transit damage events.
Trust us to proactively manage the complete logistics piece of your upcoming relocation - within India or overseas!

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Key Highlights