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Intra City

Intra City:

Make Your Intra city Move Stress-Free with PMR

Moving to a new home within the same city can still be a significant undertaking. At PMR, we understand the challenges of intracity moves and provide comprehensive services to ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

What is an Intracity Move?

An intracity move refers to relocating within the same metropolitan area or city limits. Reasons for intracity moves include:
  • Moving to a larger home as your family grows
  • Downsizing to a smaller home or apartment
  • Moving closer to work, school, or other amenities
  • Relocating to a more desirable neighborhood
  • Moving into or out of rental housing
Regardless of your reasons, intracity moves come with their own unique challenges compared to interstate relocations. You don't have to move your belongings across state lines, but you still need to transport everything to your new neighborhood and unpack/reorganize at your new home.

How PMR Helps with Intracity Moving

PMR has over 36 years of experience managing intracity moves of all sizes. We provide the following services to ensure your move is efficient and stress-free:

Full-service packing - Let us handle all packing, unpacking, and organizing. We'll provide boxes and wrapping materials, carefully pack your belongings, and then unpack everything at your new home.
Intracity transportation - Our professional movers will safely load all your possessions into our trucks and drive them directly to your new residence across town. We have up-to-date GPS and traffic monitoring to optimize routes.
Storage solutions - If needed, we can store your items in our secure, climate-controlled facility before or after your move. Just let us know how much space you need.
White glove service - Our movers will place a protective runner on your floors, pad your doorways, and handle your valuables with extra care.
Customized moving packages - From full-service moves to just needing help packing specialty items like artwork, we'll create a customized moving plan for you.
Insurance - Your items are covered against damage/loss up to the declared value amount.

Trust Our Experts for Your Intra City Relocation

Don't let coordinating the logistics of an intracity move keep you from enjoying this new chapter. The experienced pros at PMR know how to make moves efficient and headache-free. Contact us at 8282827356 or mail us at today to get a free estimate and learn more about our services for local moves.

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