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Departure/Repatriation Program

Departure/Repatriation Program:

Relocating internationally comes with unique challenges, especially when it's time to return home. Packing up your life in a foreign country and repatriating can be incredibly complex. PMR's Departure and Repatriation services are designed to smoothly handle every detail from your host country exit to settling back into your home country.

What is PMR's Departure/Repatriation Program?

Our Departure and Repatriation services help globally mobile families:
  • Coordinate your move back home from host country departure to home country arrival.
  • Handle necessary procedures like immigration, customs, shipment of belongings, and more.
  • Arrange housing, school enrollment, vehicles, banking, and other essentials for your return home.
  • Provide cultural reorientation, community connections, and assistance in getting re-established.
  • Offer guidance, support, and assistance throughout your entire repatriation.

How We Streamline Your Repatriation:

  • We initiate any required departure procedures in your host country related to visas, immigration, taxes, etc.
  • Our international moving services handle the shipment and clearance of household goods.
  • We coordinate the sale of vehicles, closure of accounts and other financial loose ends in your host country.
  • Travel arrangements are made for your international flights and ground transportation.
  • We assist with finding and securing housing, employment, vehicles, schools, and services upon return.
  • Your household goods are delivered, unpacked, and set up in your home country residence.
  • We provide cultural re-adaptation guidance about social customs, etiquette, language, and more.
  • Local community connections, activities, and recommendations facilitate integration.
  • Knowledge transfer sessions prepare accompanying family members for changes.
  • Ongoing assistance with administrative tasks like obtaining identification, bank accounts, etc.
  • Continued support to answer questions and help you readjust to life back home.
PMR removes the logistical headaches from international repatriation with our global expertise and dedicated counselors. We ease the transition so you can focus on enjoying your homecoming. Contact us today to learn more!

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