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Visa and  Immigration

  • Relocating to India and you are an expat? if you need complete detailed information to ensure a smooth transition with respect to immigration, PMR is your answer.!!

    We look after complete Immigration for all cities in India.

    We look after FRRO registrations and Visa extensions, and can assist you with any query with respect to immigration. We also assist with applying for employment visa at India from any part of the world.


    It is imperative to register within 14 days of your arrival in India with FRRO. If you stay more than 6 months, you must register with the FRRO.
    • Registration is done on long term VISA i.e. VISA valid for more than 180 days.
    • If the VISA is either of the following type
    • Employment (b) Missionary (c) Student (d) Research. Registration to be done within 14 days of arrival in India.
    • If the VISA is either Entry "X" or Business (BV) or other categories of long term Visa - then registration is required if the stay or intended stay is more than 180 days. In that case registration to be done with the concerned Registration office well before the expiry of 180 days.
    • No registration is required for Tourist VISA holder as they cannot stay continuously for more than 180 days in a single visit.
    • Registration to be done with concerned FRO/FRRO in whose jurisdiction the foreigners is residing.
    • Those on Medical VISA (M or MX) are required to register themselves within 14 days irrespective of the duration of visa
    This is not applicable to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh Nationals. Pakistan nationals would require getting themselves registered within 24 hours and Afghan Nationals within 7 days from the date of arrival. For Bangladesh (BD) nationals, the requirement of registration will be governed as per India-BD agreement.
    • Filled up Registration form (available at FRRO in triplicate)
    • Original Passport on which VISA is endorsed
    • Photocopy of Photo page, VISA page, arrival endorsement of the Travel Document.
    • Four Passport size photographs of applicant.
    • Details of residence in India.
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate in case of those seeking extension of stay on grounds of being spouse of an Indian National.
    • Bonafide Certificate from University College / Institution in case of Student Visa
    • Accreditation Certificate from Press Information Bureau in case of Journalist Visa
    • Copy of Approval from G.O.I. in case of joint venture or collaboration.
    • Approval of the Department of Company affairs in case of Board level appointments in Public Limited Companies.
    • Copy of Permission from RBI in case of contract or agreement in case of Business/joint venture etc.
    • Terms and conditions of appointment and copy of contract or agreement- in case of Employment VISA.
    • Undertaking from concerned Indian Company on the following lines in case of Employment/Business Visa


    • Filled up Extension application (available at FRRO) in duplicate.
    • Maintenance letter with supporting documents (e.g. Bank Statement, Salary Statement etc.)
    • Copy of photo page, Visa page, Arrival endorsement page of the Passport/Travel documents.
    • Copy of Registration Certificate/Residential Permit.
    • Two recent Passport size photographs.
    • Proof of address.
    In case of persons of Indian Origin:
    • Documentary Proof
    In case of Spouse of Indian:
    • Marriage Certificate & Spouse's proof of Indian Nationality
    In case Student Visa:
    • Bonafide Certificate from University/College/Institution
    In case of Research Visa :
    • Bonafide Certificate from University or other authorized Society regarding the project, letter of Govt. approval, if any.
    In case of Employment Visa:
    • Terms and conditions of appointment and copy of contract or agreement.
    • An undertaking from concerned Company.
    • Request letter for extension from the employer.
    • Proof of Income-Tax remittance.
    In case of Business Visa:
    • An undertaking from the Company
    • Letter from the Company regarding the deal and purpose for extension of stay.
    • Incorporation letter of the company with which business is solicited.
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